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Posted by resaz (Member # 31131) on :
When I was in the ER for my reation to the original episode of Lyme I had a CT scan that showed a 5mm nodule. I since then have had 2 CT scans to evaluate. Both were fine the nodule had not changed. This last one 6 months ago when they injected the dye I got tingly lips and my face got itchy.
I am supposed to have another CT scan and it was marked in my chart to have 2 days of a steroid and benedryl before my next one. If this one is the same in terms of the nodule I am done--they will leave it alone.
I have been told though that you should not take steroids with Lyme..Dr F says I no longer have Lyme (which I don't necessairly agree with) but have the FL1953 and am currently only following a vegan low-fat diet to ease those sympotms.
I am afraid to take the steroid!! Has anyone had a CT scan and used the steroid?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Where is the nodule located?

They are afraid you are allergic to the contrast. I would be worried too.
Posted by resaz (Member # 31131) on :
the nodule is in my lung. Yes, I am afraid of a reaction to the contrast.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
If you are on antibiotics, steroids are not QUITE as bad, but it is still NOT a good thing.

They found something on my lung in a CT .. can't remember the word for it .. it wasn't called a nodule. Wonder if that is what you have?

--editing to add-- just remembered. I think it was a granuloma. Did they mention that word to you?
Posted by resaz (Member # 31131) on :
no they did not mention that word to me. I looked at the paper and realized that there was nothing on the first CT scan when I went to the ER after the bite. That was July, when I was in the hospital in November the CT scan showed a Indeterminate 5-6 mm noncalcified nodule. It did not change at the 3rd or 4th---this is the 6 month check and then no more checks if it's the same.
I am not on any antibiotics
Posted by resaz (Member # 31131) on :
My doctor reordered the test for a CT scan without contrast so hopefully they will see what they need to with that.
I PRAY that they see what they need to!

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