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Posted by pini (Member # 1405) on :
Hi, I have really bad spasms from my ribs to my feet and I am having trouble walking well.

I was really sick in 2001 and was treated by Dr. B. and I have been well for ten years.

I also have Tarlov's cysts found in sacral spine which 1 doctor said can be causing my symptoms and other said no. One doctor said it could be Lyme and the other no.

I am not dealing well with being ill again, my son is almost 7 he has never saw me sick. My daughter was 3 when I was sick, she remmbers.

What do you all think?
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
I would suggest you see an LLMD to check out your CD57 and other coninfections. If everything is okay, then go back to the doc who treats the cysts.

Good luck.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
What do you mean by "spasms"? Do you mean muscle spasms or something else?

Are the spasms causing the problems with walking or is it something else?

If these are your only symptoms, it is difficult to know if this is lyme or not.

If you are having lots of muscle spasms, I would try loading up on magnesium to see if that helps you. Take the mag a number of times per day. Take more and more until it causes diarrhea. Then, lower your dose slightly to stop the diarrhea.

More typical lyme symptoms are fatigue, headaches, neck stiffness or pain, trouble sleeping, joint pain, or whatever symptoms you had the last time you had lyme.

Give us some more info and maybe we can give you some other ideas.

If you have been free from lyme for at least 3 years, Dr. Burrascano says you won't relapse. Is is possible you got bitten again?

So sorry you are feeling so poorly. I will look up Tarlov's cysts to learn more about them.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
You could see an LLMD and try a round of abx to see if you herx. It might not be Bb although that can causes spasms. It could be a co-infection as bartonella causes muscle spasms - but you would probably have other symptoms as well, like irritation, insomnia and painful feet or shins.

Getting a CD57 test is a good idea.

I just looked up the tarlov's cysts and they are located between the S1 and S4 of the spine. They usually are asymptomatic but when they are large they can cause pain in the tailbone and hips radiating into the legs, and bladder disfunction.

I do not see how this could affect your ribs (bart does that). Bart can also cause bladder pain and both babesia and bart can cause bone pain so it would be hard to know what is causing what.

I don't think you are having a relapse - maybe another bite. I would see an LLMD before resorting to surgery.
Posted by pini (Member # 1405) on :
Thanks, I have muscle spasms. I do have spasms in feet, skins, legs, butt, lower back and ribs.

My cyst is 2cm and another is 1cm. The neurosurgeon insists it is not the cysts.

I do have insomnia, if I do not take Klonopin.

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