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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
google books, Insights into Lyme Disease, by Connie Strasheim

Look from page 175 on, you'll get most answers you'd like about what infrared light 880nm does to your body, amazing boosting of your immune system, how it 'cancels' borrelia and then patient gets symptomless.

The treatment is so short and very efficient!!

When dr. W talks about healing borrelia in 5-6 treatments, he means it. People go back to their normal lives, no more symptoms, and he means it!

97% of success, he says. That's pretty a lot for such a short term treatment.

Look at his opinion about failure of abx treatments and why. And what abx can do to you long term according to his own observations (increase cancer risk).

His observations of heightened marks of lymphocytes, CD57, leukocytes, macrophages etc is also very interesting! Don't miss this!
Posted by NanaDubo (Member # 14794) on :
Brussels - I would agree with one of those statements - the one about long term abx. You and I go back a ways so I hope you know this is nothing personal.

The part about 5-6 treatments and a 97% success rate. I cannot agree.

Nosodes or no nosodes, the light affects everything. Parasites, heavy metals, viruses etc., I liken it to putting everything in a blender and the possibility of completely overwhelming the system. I left my appendix in Germany after a few treatments.

I sang it praises for quite sometime and I still think it is a fine device. However, I SERIOUSLY believe one has to know everything they are dealing with. If it were just borrelia, maybe, but it almost never is.

It was a few short months until I moved on to Allergie Immun. If one does not recognize heavy metals, molds, some chemicals, etc., as toxic - where does it all go when treating? Recycles? - those who have AI tests to look at, what range were you in due to toxins recirculating?

Those of us who had these errors show up on the AI results would have had them before treating with the bionic but I will always wonder if for me, it recirculated these toxins even more.

In terms of the success rate - some 38 of us were there from 08-09. Where is everyone? Many of them still read this site. One success story, a few still working with it, where are the rest?

This device is only legally sold to practitioners in Europe yet we were all able to get our hands on one. I hope that those using it do well and are careful.

This is a powerful treatment and not many people sharing their experience from several years ago so I felt I had to speak up.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Hi Nana, I'm just sharing the article from dr. W.

I feel his European patients are far less toxic than American ones. Probably then , less sick than most Americans (?).

If they are already not so obsessed by their disease, as he mentioned, like Americans are, it is possibly because they are less sick (?). Just a guess.

That could be a reason for his high rate of success?

I had detoxed for 3 years, non stop, before I jumped into photon treatment. I was a bad case.

I remember your story about your gall bladder. I guess detoxing is the hardest part on this treatment and if you stayed longer there, he might have found a way to detox you better (?).

I found it funny he didn't mention parasites. I agree with you. I know by energetic tests, that if someone have parasites, they will test negative for my own PE1 protocol. So they need deworming first.

At home, we're also on the Allergie Immun. And again, I can't put my hands on fire for it. My husband got a bit better initially from allergies, but had an episode of almost anaphylactic shock about 8 months after starting AI treatment! It was intense and FIRST time in his life. He had tested, that same week, as free of stressors by the AI!! He got his final letter.

I sent his saliva sample back because it was obvious it was wrong, it came back with still many problems again.

Whatever it is, AI is also just another treatment that work well for some, but maybe some are not ready yet too. Like my husband? He's sort of afraid to send his sample, but I may tell him to soon, again.

My husband now is like back to square one, I feel, before he started on AI. He can't go out in summer, his skin still burns from allergies, he got many other new food allergies that he never had before.

It could be a detox reaction, of course. It could be his body getting used, reprograming, whatever.

But it could be that it just didn't work, see what I mean?

He's not the only one, I know of others who didn't feel AI helped as much as it helped others. Some even felt they got stuck. Again, like any treatment, it is not the final solution for all, I suppose?

The KPU too, it is said to be the final solution for many things. I still wonder...

I am someone open, and I do try things, and I do feel many stuff help, but I keep my eyes open to measure the results.

38 people? Wow. Why don't show up saying they still suffer from Borreliosis?

I know one suffering from CFS. But not borrelia. Scott stopped taking abx after years on them after photons. I don't know if he returned to them. I myself, I was amazingly surprised.

dr. W believes this is a treatment for lyme. I agree with you, I'm more inclined to see it as an anti infective treatment.

Do you have more news of the other 35 people or so?

Did you need to go on anti-infective treatment specifically against Borrelia after the Bionic experience? And was borrelia strong?

What I still feel, by what I kept reading during these years, is that this treatment is very effective against borrelia, and its symptoms. That most people get to a new step in their disease after doing the treatment and can treat it easier later. I may be wrong, so please share your comments!!!

At least, from your own experience, like doing the Bionic helped you nowhere, you improved nothing, or got a bit better, but was like any other anti infective treatment, etc. I am really willing to hear, because for me, it was life changing!!
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I agree that the Bionic is primarily for borrelia. But let's face it, for many of us borrelia is the complicating factor of our illness. I cleared my borrelia, but took 9 more months to clear the other infections.

I treated parasites and heavy metals well before going to Germany. I don't believe the Bionic helps with that at all, at least in my experience.

I did do three rounds of AI. I am not testing well for sending away for the fourth round yet. I had a big healing reaction with one of the rounds. I saw some improvement from one of the rounds. Overall, no major results and right now am not testing well energetically for starting round 4. After some people's negative experiences with it, I am going to wait until I test well before I send away for another round.

For me, the Bionic was a HUGE help, just like for Brussels. I would not be well, however, without exercise, parasite treatment, heavy metal treatment, and all the work I did on my gut. The Bionic is not a stand-alone treatment, but there is no such thing.
Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
It was a huge help for me too. I had my first clear EAV scan after treating my known infections with it. Before every single scan I did lit up like a xmas tree. The doctor that ran my scan said it was the cleanest scan she'd ever seen.

However, since I probably have a disease of retroviral origin (I muscle test strongly for even the most toxic HAART medications), the bionic is not gonna hit the retrovirus "accidentally." There is no nosode for whatever retrovirus I have. Other patients that tried the bionic without success may be in the same boat: they cleared the lyme but have some other underlying immune-suppressive issue (or toxicity issues). Antibiotics may cause more short-term success because they are broad-spectrum; however, they end up leading to bacterial resistance which makes long term success less likely. There seems to be no such risk with the bionic.
Posted by NanaDubo (Member # 14794) on :
Brussels, I agree that Americans are much more toxic than Europeans.

I have not done any other anti-infective treatments and despite 4 tick bites, my ART practitioner (a seasoned one) does not find any new or old borrelia infection. I believe this is due to a stronger immune system through AI.

I was declared clear of borrelia when I left Germany -so yes, the bionic certainly was helpful for that. There were many more things to be dealt with and it stirred up the pot too much.

Some of the information coming out of his office back then was that the bionic would pretty much take care of everything (including metals) and I'm quite sure that is not the case.

For me, AI turned on the spigot for heavy metals and allowed me to start detoxing chemicals. There definitely were some rough moments but it has cleared many things and on an emotional level as well.

There are a lot of people who have no way to , and don't test themselves. They can be spinning their wheels, feeling horrible and do not know what is happening or what to do about it. I think that is perhaps why some have a difficult time with AI.

I am quite well now and both the bionic and AI are history for me.

I do worry about the possibility of people reading these threads and getting a medical device and going to work on themselves -without the tools to take care of the fallout. I think that's a valid concern considering how powerful it is - especially when it comes to heavy metals. I do believe it stirs them up and a good practitioner who knows metals is needed.

I am in contact with some of the people who went there. Three are extremely ill. Some are still searching.

Maybe we will hear from more.
Posted by scorpiogirl (Member # 31907) on :

Thank you for your perspective!! I have been trying to find more info on this Bionic thing but I was unable to find much online. I was holding out wanting to hear from more than 3 people that this has helped.

I'm beginning to think that this illness is so much more that what meets the eye and not all treatment methods work for everyone. We just have to keep on keeping on until we find something that helps us. Thanks for taking the time to share!
Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
I agree..this can be a downright self-destructive therapy if you're doing it willy nilly on your own. Most of us that have gone have not done this however. Testing for things to treat with ART, EAV, other energetic testing is imperative for guidance. Combined with this type of targeted diagnostic and treatment, the machine can treat infections with laserlike precision.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Yes, I agree that it is a very strong treatment and some were hurt by it when they overused it. It is not to be taken "lightly". After all, it killed in three weeks what two years of antibiotics was unable to kill.

Scorpio, we do all have a different mixture of problems, but it does seem that across the board, the Bionic worked well on the borrelia, even for those who didn't get fully well. Since most of what we talk about treating on this board is borrelia, I think everyone needs to stop and think about what else is wrong. I also think this needs to be taken as a serious treatment because it does work on that one piece of the puzzle we talk about all the time here.

If I hadn't eliminated the borrelia, the other infections/issues wouldn't have let go. Nana used AI. I used other things. We both continued to work to achieve wellness once the borrelia was gone. mOjoey is still working on the retroviruses. So, yes, we all needed different things once the borrelia was gone, but getting rid of borrelia is HUGE, and some, like Nana, should consider maybe their body doesn't detox well enough to rush over there because we are all different.
Posted by NanaDubo (Member # 14794) on :
All the detox tests I have done, phase I, phase II, on and on- have not shown a problem. That might be a good thing to know prior as things like that are not looked at once you get there - at lease they weren't three years ago.

It could be that some people are just more sensitive. For instance if one person does well on 20 drops of some tincture or remedy, I do well on 5 - like that.

It was mentioned a few years ago that one of our famous detox experts felt that the bionic was being used for too long a period of time on each point and that it probably shouldn't even be used on one of the points. I have heard that now that point is no longer being used - not sure.

Anyway - again like everything else, it's not a one size fits all therapy.
Posted by Mo (Member # 2863) on :
as i've been reading the threads i take it that broad spectrum parasites should be dealt with prior to photon therapy. this would include babesia, correct?

*i should clarify, i have a new infection of babesia and probable lyme, both in an acute stage. the typical patient starting photon therapy with the bionic is in a chronic state of disease(s). i plan to deal with parasites before photons and i believe paraistes have been chronic, but i am wondering if i should deal with this babesia infection before using photons as well.

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
My babesia did not clear up until months after photon treatment. I treated it for 20 months continually prior to going to Germany.
Posted by Mo (Member # 2863) on :
that makes sence in a situation with chronic borellia. the borellia load would need to be reduced before addressing babesia.

i wonder if babesia can and should be addressed first and in it's acute stages if the borellia load is not yet so high as to be corrupting the immune system.

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
There's no way to know how high the load is. I would treat the borrelia. Babesia is not like the intestinal parasites we've been talking about, it's a blood parasite.
Posted by Mo (Member # 2863) on :
maybe the question is, if infected at the same time by borrelia and babesia, which one replicates faster and is more dangerous at that time?

i would think babesia, when acute.
i think i'm looking at a situation that's different than most who make their way to bionic and infrared therapies.

the nature of babesia and the way it populates the blood so quickly makes me nervous to leave it unattended at this stage.

but i should really start another thread if i am getting detailed about my situation.

i believe light therapy has allot of merit and the treatment order
(of infections) and outcomes in chronic conditions makes allot of sense to me.

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Babesia seemed like the most dominant infection in me by far, but what I found was, once the borrelia was gone, the babesia didn't have as much of a hold on my body, even when it flared up. It would cause air hunger and fatigue that was controllable by tonic water alone.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
So you see guys? When I read this whole thread, I'm MORE convinced that this Bionic treatment IS the FASTEST treatment to eliminate borrelia that exists on this planet for the moment!

And I totally agree that lyme is not borrelia only. I had been sufferning from skin candida on and off for about 20 years previous to lyme, so I had other issues that made me chronically ill with candida BEFORE I was first bitten by a tick.

Because of the PREVIOUS bad terrain, borrelia thrived, and it did so fast that almost killed me in a few months, while for most of people, they still can survive for very long. I wouldn't be able to, so weak I got.

So, WHILE this treatment is not a solution for lyme as a whole, nor a solution for gaining total health in few months like it could sound, I suppose EVERYONE here agrees that

<ONCE BORRELIA is gone, EVERYTHING else is easier to treat!>

Babesia was a nightmare for me to get rid of it. And I caught it twice, second time was even worse. Bartonella too, a nightmare that kept coming and going, endless battles. Then tuberculosis.

Then heavy metal detox during active borrelia. hell on earth. Everything was a nightmare to treat.

Once borrelia was gone, things went MUCH easier. And that is, for me, the value of this treatment.

It is HUGE!

Suppose you think Borrelia is the culprit of all. You get treated, borrelia goes to backstage (sometimes not totally healed, but certainly very weak), and then you have the wonderful chance to take care of OTHER things that you couldn't even deal before!

When you have 3, 4, 5 or dozens of active infections causing you disease (I once counted 50 active SIMULTANEOUS infections and then stopped counting out of despair), a Xmas tree like Joe said, well,

how are you going to deal with hormones, detox pathways, healing conjunctive tissue, neuro damage, how to heal your methylation problem, cavitation, psychological traumas that kept going worse day by day, rebuilding your social network you lost etc etc.

You just have no physical time, no energy, no money, no courage. It's just hell, struggle every minute of your life, if you call that life.

So whatever you may say, that this is just a treatment for borrelia, yes, this is true, but this is already a HUGE step!!!

Scott may have other opinion, but for me it was clear after I read he had stopped abx since returning from Germany, after the Bionic. He had been on so many cocktails of abx for sooo long, and on so many products. Having stopped abx in his case, I don't know, it was amazing. At least, to my understanding.

I don't know where he is now (in which stage), but that for me, means A LOT.

It is true that many things (parasites, scars, teeth, heavy metals and psychological stuff) are not addressed with that specific Bionic protocol (even though, we can address pretty a lot of things with the Bionic or PE1),

but borrelia going to remission is huge.

No one can deny that! At least, not to my eyes.

Just think of the poor people trying to get rid of borrelia the conventional or herbal ways, or Rife, or whatever!

Look at dr. K. with so many decades of experience, so much success. But how many years one has to go on with his protocol, live a good reasonable life, but still being on and off with borrelia coming and going back?

My lyme doctor, who is a great follower of dr. K. told me when he said 'you're healthy, no need to come back'.

He said, I was his WORST patient of lyme and he can't believe my speed of recovery. I told him, it took me 4 years, that is not short. But he said, "IT IS SHORT!, because you were so bad when you started".

I find that dr. K's type of treatment is IDEAL after borrelia is dormant, NOT to fall sick again. Of course, if it takes years to get well from borrelia, we need to do all treatments together.

But if it takes a couple of months to get borrelia dormant (or weeks, whatever), I do find getting rid of borrelia first is the EASIEST and fastest way to go. Then we treat the rest!

Of course, if you have parasites, or you are too toxic, better do months of treatment before starting the Bionic treatment, or you may collapse of excess of toxins and parasite development (in my feeling, many GI parasites love infrared).

This is just my opinion.

energetic tests are a must, in any treatment of any chronic disease, in my view.

As for AI, I'm really not sure. I think it does help the body in one way, to detox, but I wonder if it does heal allergies, for people with multiple allergies, born allergic...

I'm yet to see with my husband and daughter... My daughter is probably better from insect bites and for foods after AI. But my husband, I can't see any real considerable improvement.

I think Joey did AI too without much improvement, if my memory is good?
Posted by pamoisondelune (Member # 11846) on :
Hiker57 and Ping both posted amonth or two ago that all the people they know who did AI are worse than the ones who didn't do AI. Then people posted that in Europe, Europeans only do 3-4 treatments, no more. ( Was it 3-4? i forget how many.)
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
I agree that infrared light is extremely healing to the body. I achieved remission following my llmd's recommendation to use a Biomat instead of the Bionic treatments(he shared with me that he had several patients go to Germany for Bionic treatments and while some made progress too many did not).

The Biomat detoxes and supports the organs while it boosts immunity and kills infection. Perhaps this combination is needed when the body is dealing with so much.

Anyway, the Biomat may be an alternative or a good addition to Bionic treatments (which I'm sure are helpful to many)especially if one needs help detoxing.

BTW, I used the Biomat along with abx and am symptom free and in remission from Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella. I am back to a normal life after being severely ill and misdiagnosed for years.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Dolphin, are you off all killers?

If yes, how long are you in remission?

Did you pass a whole winter and next spring without falling sick?

I'm asking that because I reached remission a few times before too, but I either relapsed (usually in winter) or got bitten again. My full remission never lasted more than 5 months (before photons).

What else did you use with Biomat? Could you give us a site to read about it? Wonderful that you reached it!! Congrats!!


I wonder about the patients who DID not make progress with the Bionic. Who are them? I'm really curious, because I don't know their story in more detail.

Pamoisondelune, yes, Ping wrote to me and explained his situation...

thanks for remembering.

I do trust Hiker's experience too (s/he posts for too many years here...)

There's the time frame that we got to wait and see, as I suppose AI will change the body for months to come...

Anyway. My husband did only few AI treatments and was considered clear of blockages. But we sent a sample again, they found new disregulations, so I guess it was just a mistake...

He's certainly not well yet, far from it (only from allergies, he doesn't have lyme). I feel he's back to square one if not worse (his allergies changed, but I start to suspect he's got now more allergies now than before). He's reacting to so many foods!

It could be that the detox causing by AI is causing that rise in number of allergies? Or that he's clearing these allergies, in fact and they will go for good?

My daughter is also still with food allergies, but she improved on insect bites allergy... She's still on AI. We're doing slow.

I'll try to lower carb intake and rise protein intake to see how they both react... Who knows is a gut problem at the base?
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
Thank you so much and congratulations to you too!!!

Yes, I am off all killers. I have been in remission from Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella for 2 years now (winters & springs included). Before adding in the Biomat, I too would relapse in the winter.

I used the Biomat with antibiotics. However I know of others who used the Biomat without antibiotics and achieved remission.

Today I lead a full and active life once again. I practice healthy lifestyle habits (diet, exercise etc.) and continue to use the Biomat.

Best wishes!

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Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
Yes Brussels you're correct - I got no perceptible benefit from AI. Heavy metals have never been a huge issue for me though.. All of my DMPS/DMSA/EDTA provocation tests have always been negative. The only metal I've ever tested high on (hair test) is aluminum, and that didn't come up in AI
Posted by pamoisondelune (Member # 11846) on :
Since DolphinLady is selling Biomats, the $ factor does subtract from the credibility, doesn't it?
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Is Dolphinlady selling Biomat?

I only used my own pendulum-like test to see if this Biomat tests good for lyme, from the photograph of the website...

It doesn't test good in my tests, but I would actually need one REAL to test to be sure.

When I ask about cancer, it seems to help though!

It is very easy to know if this is really effective. Give me ONE day of test, I can tell !!!!

Another question to Dolphinlady she didn't answer: who are the MANY patients that didn't make progress with the Bionic?

I would like to know, specifically. Give me one name (or screen name) so that I can search his/ her info here in LN or talk directly with the person.

I am just supposing that if there were 38 who went to Germany, about about 5-6 still post here on and off, but are much better (in a way or another), and the rest disappeared for a good reason?

Does it mean, they got well enough to disappear from the board?

I wonder if there is someone who didn't have their borrelia put dormant or very low profile after the Bionic...

I know Gigi got loads of pathogens awaken (including borrelia) during her session. She didn't have her lyme active then, if I remember well, and lyme and other infections got re-activated with the Bionic.

In my guess, these pathogens would have been anyway activated sooner or later... But who knows? She didn't enjoy the excess of toxins being flushed out (which I understand).

And that is why I do much slower (like one session every week, or every two weeks or even more spaced). I hate suffering!

So she's one who didn't get benefits from it.


Ping did the AI and Bionic, if my memory is good, and he said AI was too strong for him, and then he wished he never had done that BEFORE the Bionic (as he feels others who didn't do AI before got better results from the Bionic than himself).

He recommends doing AI very slow, much slower, taking more than one year for sure, leaving one or two months interval between treatments.

But see? If you suffer from lyme and you got to wait 2 years on AI before start treating infections... It could be too long for some people (like myself).

Some people whose lyme progresses slowly, why not? My case and my daughter's case, this wouldn't be possible. We would need to retreat from life, if we survived the retreat!

Probably Joey too, as he was a walking soup of pathogens, like myself.

When lyme progresses fast, there's danger of septicemia or other types of death.

The order AI or Asyra first, then the Bionic or PE1 looks logic, but some people may not fit (if they have to wait years without using antimicrobial treatment, I mean). Or when people are like Ping himself.

Ping said his body got too much loaded with toxins being flushed out by the AI (understandable) and he believes it will take him months or more to get less toxic (his last email a couple of months ago). He was not better after these treatments.

Same as my husband. If in one year he's better without other treatments, I would give credits to AI. For the moment, about 1 year from start of AI, he's just the same, or even worse.

And he's got no lyme to bother him from start! My daughter, I can't say for sure, she may be a bit better, but still with the ballet of food allergies going up and down. Yesterday, cherry allergy appeared for the first time...

Joey, thanks for answering about AI.

Did you do the Asyra? I wonder how close are Asyra and AI treatments... I wish we could compare these...

Do you still have allergies or sensitivities?

And everybody who have finished AI? Are you free of allergies and sensitivities for good?

Thanks for answering.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Originally posted by pamoisondelune:
Since DolphinLady is selling Biomats, the $ factor does subtract from the credibility, doesn't it?

DolphinLady, are you selling Biomats? If so, please edit your post, you're not allowed to use the board for advertising.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by pamoisondelune:
Hiker57 and Ping both posted amonth or two ago that all the people they know who did AI are worse than the ones who didn't do AI.

Very interesting.
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
Originally posted by DolphinLady:
Thank you so much and congratulations to you too!!!

Yes, I am off all killers. I have been in remission from Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella for 2 years now (winters & springs included). Before adding in the Biomat, I too would relapse in the winter.

I used the Biomat with antibiotics. However I know of others who used the Biomat without antibiotics and achieved remission.

Today I lead a full and active life once again. I practice healthy lifestyle habits (diet, exercise etc.) and continue to use the Biomat.

For more information on the Biomat go to

Best wishes!

Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
sixgoofykids & Lymetoo,

Yes, I do sell it and I've edited my post as instructed.

Thank you,
Posted by Fuel1212 (Member # 29312) on :
Dolphin... Glad you are in "remission" However your credibility is shot in my opinion.

There are so many people on this forum suffering and desperate for a cure.

This is not the place to be taking advantage of people, even if everything you say is true.
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :

My llmd does not disclose personal information about his other patients. He discusses treatments and the outcomes he observes.


I see your point and agree. My intention was/is to help - my deepest apologies to those I may have offended.

Wishing you all good health soon,
Posted by jlp38 (Member # 27221) on :
I'm sure it's hard to not sound like you are pushing something. If it's helped you so much, you probably just want to scream it from the rooftops!
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I thank Dolphinlady to have said the truth.

If what she said is though true (lyme got to remission, she's off treatments), I'm still interested to know about the Biomat!!!

Anyway, I guess it just takes once to have a test with it and see how it 'measures' (for example, the yin test, how many yin does it test for most people). I guess good energetic testers who treated lyme can have a pretty good idea after testing this once or a couple of times.

What I don't appreciate from Dolphinlady's post is the statement 'the Bionic protocol doesn't work for many'. Easy to say that when there are no examples.

I hope Dolphin's lady LLMD does know people who actually tried the Bionic protocol.

I'm just asking their screennames, from LN. Amost all people who got to know the Bionic visited LN, right? They have a screenname! We don't need their actual names!

From the 'many that used the Bionic' there must be at least ONE screenname, I mean. That's what I'm asking.

If it really failed, I TRULY have a curiosity to know WHERE the treatment failed, and if borrelia was still raging after treatment as before treatment.

How were their parasite load at the start of the Bionic treatment, heavy metal load, if they were exposed to high amount of EMRs during and after treatment, if there was any progress whatsoever and where.

For the moment, I truly trust this protocol for myself and my family (to eliminate borrelia). I trust so much that I even don't use repellents (except when I plan to go to the woods for hours). I've been bitten 4 times since I came back to Europe, and so far so good...

My daughter has been bitten once again, but we found already more 3 ticks walking on her body!

If I didn't trust this protocol, you can guess that I wouldn't be so easy target for ticks! We're everyday outside, in the grass, and bushes, and woods.

So if it failed 'for many', I DO have a HIGH interest to know more details!

Thank you!
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
jlp38 and Brussels,

Thank you for your understanding.

I hope we do get to hear from more folks who've had Bionic treatments so we can get more answers. When my llmd shared his thoughts on it with me, I did not question him.
Posted by Fuel1212 (Member # 29312) on :
Dolphin - Thanks for your understanding and sorry to sound harsh.

I guess after hearing of so many people losing their hard earned money to scam artist praying on the sick, you tend to put up a defense.

I believe the Biomat would be a lot like an infrared sauna? If so, I have a nice infrared sauna and have reaped the benefits of detox with it. I am not sure it is killing my infection, but can hope and pray.

Hope everyone has a healthy weekend
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Dolphinlady, thanks for answering. I would have questioned your LLMD because of my own experience, for sure!

But do you need continuous use of the mat to keep on symptomless?

Or you use the mat just because you feel good?

If you stop sleeping on it the whole winter and spring, I wonder if borrelia wouldn't come up again ? ...

Do you have any insights on that?
Thanks again!
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
Fuel1212 and Brussels,

I just realized I've been using the wrong function to edit my posts - oops!

Sorry for any confusion - let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for answering. I also use myZPE1 for injuries. But I only use minutes, and it-s amaying what it can do. Speciallz for burns, the pain stop so fast}

good storz about zour dog-s arthritis. I wonder if Biomat has pulsed frequencies and how much is it pulsing the infra red. Do you know it? And what is the frequency of the infrared, like 880nm or 660nm?

Thanks again
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :

Sorry I didn't reply sooner - I was away on vacation.

Your ZPE1 sounds like a very helpful device!

The Biomat uses long wave FIR infrared rays between 6.5-12mm, not pulsed short waves.

Hope that helps!
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Dolphin Lady, sorry for the ZPE1, it was a typo!It's only PE1, the photonic energetics device!!

Thank you for the explanation about the FIR infrared!

I wonder how people that are sensitive to eletromagnetic frequencies feel to be so long connected to a machine run on electricity...
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :

It comes with electromagnetic frequency protection - good question!

Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Posted by willbeatthis (Member # 31111) on :
Brussels et al.... I am humbled by the level of care and contribution you all are making to the Lyme community and our collective wellness... Thank you...

You all have given us such valuable information to make informed decisions. It is GREATLY appreciated...

Blessings and Photons (smiles)--

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