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Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
This is happening more and more lately.

My heart rate keeps going up to , I think, 120 beats per minute.

My heart is pounding and it feels like someone stuck a fork in it.

This happens 3 times a day , at least.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Have you found a new doctor??
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
Is this in your new home or are you still going back and forth?
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
I went to the hospital.

They did a 12 second EKG, and chest x-rays.

My heart is fine.

They also did a full abdomen ultrasound, and couldn't find anything.

So, I just backed off of my meds, and I feel a little bit better.

Was that a major herx?

I am trying that Silver-Sol that I just posted about.

No other options really, and it can't hurt.

The company is very interested if I have any results.

I am going to try to drink a bottle per day, until I get better.

The pain is so extreme now, it is worse than torture.

I can't handle seeing my daughter and husband so sad seeing me cry and cry now for years!

They are just so sad!

So I have to do this, it is better than my other idea of drinking alcohol!

That only lasted one morning because that made me feel even worse.

I also kept Silver-Sol in my mouth for over six minutes just incase I had yeast in my mouth!

Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
It is very common, so many people had got the same story than yours (in emergency).

It could be herxes, it could be infection... A cardiologist said my heart was in higher than average condition when he ran batteries of tests. At that time I had the stabbing pains, sometimes my legs got so heavy I could barely move them, I had post exertional fatigue, problems to breathe etc.

It's all gone for years. But I believe they were caused by herxes and infections.
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on :
missing = brussels...ditto
feels like someone is throwing a pitchfork in me every few hours... chiro said thought mass of lyme in spine is causing all my symptoms... even my right palm feels like a nail is being driven into it... its all lyme related, may or mind find the will to ease your torture..
I trulu understand and there is no answer on all things torturing us untill lyme is outta the picture... God Bless you

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