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Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
Hello there,

well.. i have some new questions ans symptoms which i would discuss with you, i would appreciate it if you would share your expirience with me. im sick with lyme, bartonella, mycoplasma and possibly babesia. im in treatment since 2 1/4 years straight. 1/2 year lyme, 1/2 year bartonella and lyme,1/4 year lyme bartonella babesia, 3/4 year babesia lyme, 1/4 year bartonella candida lyme.

1.) since 2-3 months.. i have a new symptom.. the "restless leg" symptom.. when i have a bad day.. my legs are very sore and out of power.. they are painful.. when i have some good days... i dont have that symptom.. i have it, especially when i take flagyl.. or.. like i believe now.. because i have that too when im on other meds.. that it is a herx?? can babesia cause painful legs?

2.) i feel that the meds are doing some good work this year.. until 2 weeks ago i was on rifampin + doxy for my bartonella and lyme.. now 2 weeks ago added bicillin to the mix.. its hard to describe:
the first day after the bicillin im feeling pretty good.. but on the second day.. CRASH.. mentally over the roof.. total brainfog.. pain leg.. allover feeling like hit by a truck.. and this feeling lasts for 2-4 days.. then on the 4th day.. i feel somewhat better in the evenings.. until the next bicillin injection (im only on 1.2 million bicillin LA) my llmd said.. that she will do some 1.2 million shots first.. and then increase to 2.4 million..
does that sound like a herx?? when it is a herx.. how long did it take to feel some improvement from the bicillin??
did the bicillin resolved your brainfog??

i do some supplements too.. like.. vitamins, high dosage magenisum, vit. b, milk thistle, probiotics.. eating healthy with low sugar.

Posted by fflutterby (Member # 28081) on :
The same thing happens to me on the same combo. I am not on Flagyl though. Advil seems to help mine. I guess it is a herx. I like to think the meds are getting into these places that never hurt me before. Since Bicillin is IM it makes sense that it is getting into our leg muscles.
Posted by Rene (Member # 4870) on :
Sounds like a herx to me. You are on several medications that are known to be difficult to take.

Bicillin alone can causes awful herxs. When I started bicillin to expect herxing for the first 6 months.

Are you detoxing?? On all those meds might want to consider that.
Posted by Emmee (Member # 29866) on :
For me the leg pain came from low B-12. All the antibiotics robbed the healthy gut bacteria. Healthy bacteria is supposed to actually produce B-12. Started taking an oral liquid B-12 lately. Pain in legs gone within 24 hours. It's been one week without leg tiredness or leg pain.
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :

yeah i've read that bicillin can cause awful herxes... like i said.. since im on bicillin i'm feeling pretty sick.. especially the neurological symptoms increased.. brainfog and psych-stuff. are there other people who have some expirience with bicillin? especially at the beginning of taking it?!

[Smile] thanks 4 response
Posted by Fuel1212 (Member # 29312) on :
I added Rifampin to my Ceftin Azith combo and had eye and head symptoms along with VERY sore legs and body in general.

Not sure what that means?
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
up.... what about psych stuff?? to which bug is it related?? i feel sometimes disconnected... out of my head.. have crazy thoughts..
Posted by Terminator (Member # 27328) on :
i dont think doxy mixes well with penicillins and with rifampin
Posted by fflutterby (Member # 28081) on :
I stopped the doxy and feel better, now I am taking Zith along with bicillin and rifampin. Feel like myself !!!
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
Does it feel like a headache in your bones? Often it is my legs, but sometimes it's everywhere. I have been wondering if this is Lyme and co related. I have had it long before I knew I had Lyme. Most intense when I had been on prednisone. This is how I feel right now after 2 relatively pain free weeks.

I hope you start feeling better.

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