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Posted by Nemo (Member # 22783) on :
I had a disastrous encounter with one of our cats last week. She has always been a little on the neurotic/psychotic/just plain nuts side of crazy but this time she went too far. We were attempting to load her into a cat carrier (she hides and we have to drag her kicking and screaming from her hiding place.) Usually she puts up a fight, may scratch or dig in a claw,even nip, but this time she went too far and attacked me. I suffered four severe puncture wounds to the back of my hand (two to the bone) and claw wounds to my forearm.

Naturally my hand got infected. Doctor put me on Cipro but after 6 days I'm still feeling on the pardon my French, crappy side of well. No energy, flu like symptoms, mild sore throat. I had a mild case of bronchitis which the doctor thought might have been triggered by the attack.

One scratch would is bothering me. Very red and itchy.

My concern is given that I have been a Lyme victim, could this have set off a mild Bart infection in me? No swollen glands, no rashes. just this malaise and fatigue. It's getting old. I have an RX of Augmentin to switch to in another three days but I'm wondering if it should be started sooner than later.

The hand improved rapidly after starting the Cipro but after one week I'm beginning to worry about a companion infection from one of the Lyme class diseases that is causing the new symptoms.

Thanks for any advice.

PS the cats vaccines were up to date and is no longer a house pet.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That sounds really terrible. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly.

I know little about bart.. just stopped by to say "hope you feel better soon!"
Posted by Nemo (Member # 22783) on :
Thanks. Seems just when I'm feeling pretty good something like this happens.

This too shall pass but I just wish it would hurry up and go! [Smile]
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Catscratch Disease aka Rickettsia aka/related to
Bartonella Roche. Sounds like your cat needs treatment also. Good luck calming her down.
Posted by Jamers (Member # 28016) on :
Can't say I know for sure, but Im treating Bart now and have been feeling very fluish, hot all over and tired from the herxing. Bart sucks!
Posted by Nemo (Member # 22783) on :
Trip to the doctor update.

I remained on Cipro for 10 days then switched to Augmentin today.

One incisor hit my tendon on the large middle knuckle on my left hand and possible also the nerve.

Definite infection which is now resolving.

The bites are still healing, scabbed and sore as all get out.

I really believe that the infection was bacterial in nature, mainly from the bite.

The funny thing was that as in Bart, I developed a very sore lymph node in my left arm pit that hung around for about 48 hours so I really do think I had a mild Bart infection of some sort.

I'm slowly returning to normal.

Still low energy at times and mild herxing but I keep telling myself that herxing = bacteria death so I can deal with it.

In the meantime I am pushing fluids, using anti-inflammatory meds and getting plenty of rest.

Oh well, at least tick season is winding down. [Smile]
Posted by jackie51 (Member # 14233) on :
Watch for mycoplasma too. I've even seen it referred to as "meowplasma".

Godspeed with your recovery.
Posted by Nemo (Member # 22783) on :

Interesting. Would that possibly be the cause of the bronchitis like symptoms I also had?

Hmmmm. Thanks for the heads up jackie51

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