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Posted by Peggy in Maryland (Member # 10480) on :
For the past month I've been using bicillin LA 1.2 mu with 21 gauge needles. I hardly even feel the stick, and there's no pain during the whole procedure.

My new prescription is for 2.4 mu, and it came with 18 gauge needles. That's what the doctor used in my 2007 treatment--and the needle hurt, the injection hurt, and the pain lasted awhile. I'd never used 1.2 or 21 gauge till this September. My husband is now giving the injections and they're painless.

Can I use a 21 gauge needle with 2.4 mu bicillin? I've read some posts in which people talked about problems with needles clogging, but that seemed to be mostly with powdered bicillin which the patient mixed. My syringes are pre-filled and ready to use.

I don't want to risk clogging needles and multiple sticks to dispense each syringe of medication. So I'll use the 18 gauge if it's needed. But I thought I'd ask whether a smaller needle might be fine. Thanks.

Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
I used 22 1/2 gauge when I did Bicillin and it was fine, no problems.
The Bicillin helped me so much, I did 3 shots a week for 5 months. It was my best protocol so far.
Posted by scorpiogirl (Member # 31907) on :
I guess you would have to try to see.

RC1 you are my hero!! 3x/week for FIVE months?? WOW! I lasted one month and I was carrying on like I was in labor! Shots just hurt soo badly for me. [Frown]
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
The 21gauge would probably be OK if you felt more comfortable using that. The injection will just take a little longer because the medicine is so thick and hard to push in.

If you do start to have problems with the needle clogging you can always switch to the standard 18gauge 1.5in needles that come with the prefilled syringes.

Don't be surprised if you still end up having more pain from the new shots. The higher dosage means you will be injecting more medicine into that one spot. That means more for your body to accommodate and absorb.

Apply head and massage the site afterwards. That's what helped me most.
Posted by Peggy in Maryland (Member # 10480) on :
RC1--just to clarify, you were using 2.4 mu?

Also, do you mind saying how much these shots cost? Since you did this for 5 months, I hope you were able to get a good price.

I've read on Lymenet that some people got it very cheaply by ordering from overseas, but it's powder and requires mixing and filling the syringe yourself. Those who did this seemed to have more problems with clogging.

Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
Scorpio- LOL, you are my hero!
Peggy- I was using Bicillin LA I think it was 2.4, I can't really remember.
I didn't get a great price they were like 550.00 a month. Ins did pay for the syringes... how generous of them.

I got the preprepared ones. No mixing.
Posted by Peggy in Maryland (Member # 10480) on :
Thanks, RC1. Since you used it for 5 months and say it helped you greatly, are you finished with abx? Still on any other protocols? How are you doing?

I'm wondering how long I'll have to be on it. In 2007 it was only 2 months, but I'm much sicker now than I was then.

Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
Peggy- it's coming back to me now. I was doing 1.2 mu. You might need to use more of a syringe with the 2.4, what did your doc say?
My doc told me that the needle that comes with the 2.4 is more of a scalpel, no way I could use that thing!
Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
Peggy- I herxed like crazy for about 6 weeks, but then I just kept getting better. Don't forget binders (activated charcoal, Chlorella) helped me enormously.

I was at about 85% from like 40%.

I just started treating Bart again so I have been feeling like crap since I started 3 weeks ago. I am doing Rifampin, Minocycline, and Tindamax.

I am hoping this is going to wrap things up.

I was also on Azithomycin and Plaquenil or Doxy with the Bicillin

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