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Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
i was recently upped to 400mg per day of doxy. lyme

wise i feel awesome - almost no symptoms. but im

starting to get really nauseous and having some

diarehha. my candida diet is already stellar and i

pop acidophulus like skittles. anything else i can

do to ease these side effects?
Posted by Beth22 (Member # 30232) on :
doxy killed me. here's my coping things:
bury the doxy halfway thru your meal.
ginger tea.
alka seltzer gold.
more probiotics.
Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
When I had trouble, I backed off on the dosage for a few days then slowly worked back up.
Posted by Melodymaker (Member # 16434) on :
RU taking a really powerful acidophilus? We take Multidophilus 12, and truly, when we started the abx treatment, we were up to about 4 times the daily dosage before the diarrhea quit. Then we tapered back down and we were fine
Doctor said to take with 8 oz water and a full meal. Very important to eat enough food with it. Tough on the stomach. Blessings to you!
Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
you guys take doxy on empty stomach? i take it

empty like it is recommended (on the bottle at

least) . i thought you couldn't take it within 3

hours before or 2 hours after a meal because of

iron, calcium and magnesium screwing with the drug?
Posted by Beth22 (Member # 30232) on :
do not take on empty stomach, bottle is wrong.
Calcium yes, must take dairy 2 hours away.
never heard anything about iron and magnesium, but supplements need to be 2 hours away from abx.
do not take on an empty stomach!!
Posted by Lymedin2010 (Member # 34322) on :
Why not on an empty stomach?
Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
Doxy will hurt my stomache and make me barf if I do not take it with food. I think it affects alot of people like that. I could not take doxy if I didn't take it with food.
Posted by aMomWithHope (Member # 19255) on :
If insurance will cover it, try switching to Dorxy. It is much gentler on the stomach, but unfortunately very expensive!

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