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Posted by phil C (Member # 34473) on :
I have had many cysts behind my ears for probably 20 years. I have gone to dermatologists and they've given me creams to put on (and yes I wash behind my ears several times a day). They never go away but sometimes I can extract some nasty stuff by pressing very hard.

It never occurred to me until this morning that this could be lyme related. Could it? If so is there any benefit to having the material I exptract tested?

Thanks in advance

Posted by fflutterby (Member # 28081) on :
I have very small ones also, stinky nasty stuff inside. I have had them for years. Never was a concern for any of my previous Dr's.
Posted by thomasx (Member # 13431) on :
Do you take fish oil? That will create cysts.
Posted by phil C (Member # 34473) on :
Yes, I do take fish oil but only recently started and have had the cysts for a long time.

Yes, the stuff is very foul smelling. Wonder if it is actually bacterial congregating.
Posted by thomasx (Member # 13431) on :
It's too bad about the fish oil. The cystic acne that it can cause is a real downside.
Posted by Michael_Venice (Member # 17254) on :
Are these on your (respective) HEADS or ears? When I first got sick, one of the strange things I got were very nasty little cysts on the back of my ears-earlobes. They were very bad at one point. I still have one that is as disgusting as people here have mentioned.

One got out of control, had to be cut and I had a couple of stitches in it. I've asked my docs (LLMD) about them, because it was something that started just when all the rest started. They didn't think too much about it, some speculation.

But enough people here mentioned it, maybe it's a relatively common part of something to do with what we're all going through.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
Originally posted by Michael_Venice:

When I first got sick, one of the strange things I got were very nasty little cysts on the back of my ears-earlobes.

Figure 6. Borrelial lymphocytoma on the earlobe.


Scroll down to "Borrelial lymphocytoma" for description.

I got these often as a teenager, and it was a problem when I got my ears pierced.
I eventually stopped wearing earrings and let the openings grow closed.

When I got the LightWorks LED light therapy unit a couple years ago, I used it on my ears.
I had a cyst on my ear that had not healed for six months.

In three days it was healed!

Regarding the sebacious cysts, taking fish oil is known to liquify and reduce the fatty deposits.
The pores on the backs of your arms that get blocked will open up too.
And I never have chapped hands now.
Posted by chootik (Member # 11221) on :
OMG, I got these too!

I got two really hard cysts on the back of my earlobes. The doc I went to thought it could be from wearing earings but I wasn't sure.

He didn't try to extract it. He gave me Amoxicilin for 7 days at 500mg 3x day I think and it went away!

Interestingly, when I took the Amoxy I got whole lot of lymph congestion specially in the upper chest, under arm area so it was killing something systemically.

Did you guys extract these? Maybe yours was different than mine.

I think this is def. Lyme related.

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