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Posted by tricia386 (Member # 29623) on :
What is Nuero Lyme. Is that vision problems? Depression? Anxiety Issues? Dizzy?

I dont reall have that much joint pain left.

Just anxiety...crying spells...dry eyes...which have gotten much better according to schrimmer test. blood shot eyes...cant sit still...brain fog. although I am able to work.
Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :

neurolyme or neuroborreliosis would generally

begin with(or at least with me)a type of

encephalitis symptoms or menengeal symptoms like

a stiff neck generating up one side of your head

or the other. Mine was the left side and

as would be the rule most of my accute or initial

physiological or cns symptoms manifested on my

right half of my body. The last tick bites I

was aware of were experienced on the left side

groin area where I incorrectly removed two ticks

way before I knew what they were or how to take

them off or disengage them from my body.

I suspect this was the reason the chetes traveled

up the left half of my body, infecting the left

side of my brain. you are aware that whenever

one side of anyone's brain is affected adversely

the opposite side of the body is affected or

presents manifestations of symptoms...such as in

a stroke on one half of anyone's brain usually

impacting the opposite half of the victims body.

neuroborreliosis would progress from anxiety

and depression to bi-polar significance and if

not treated with a spirochetal ABX these and

other problems would increase in difficulty

with each and every monthly(28day) interval.

(Dizziness)could digress to vertigo, possibly

accompanied with tinnitis(ringing in the ears)...

Each of us are affected differently even though

we are basically the same...because of the sym-

biotic relationship of the parasites, I believe

is what keeps our similar but just a little bit

different, unique to each individual.

The load(or amount of actual parasites)present

with each individual and or treatments or how

well each individual's own immune system is deal-

ing with successfuly, or not, could/would


how worse or better, any individuals symptoms may

progress....also, how "acute" or active/dormant,

any one individual's parasites may be per any

individual persons experiences with these


Symptoms are often if not always very suttle in

their initial stages gradually worsening with


Everything is relative...and somewhat unique as

I mentioned above. However....a well experienced

llmd would be able to monitor your own case...

and be better to judge your individual

Keeping a dedicated logbook of or calander of

events/symptoms is a great aid when dealing with

waxing and waneing symptom presentations in

order to better aid your llmd and remind your-

self when dealing with these stealthy pathogens.

good luck and remain watchfull....attentive tuned

into your own body and mind/emotions.

good luck

Posted by t9im (Member # 25489) on :
Hi Tricia:

Our daughters neuro symptons were:

Brain fog - loss of ability to remember words and put thoughs together , this included forgetting what she might have discussed 5 minutes previously.

Numbness tingling sensation in arms & legs.

Because of the chronic fatigue some others might have been masked.

OH and lets not forget the IDSA pediatric MD Lyme expert indicated these were psychomatic.
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
AH, yes, the old "It's all in your head" explanation.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [loco] [bonk]

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