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Posted by sprite8 (Member # 28259) on :
I have experienced 2 seperate episodes of extremly painful hot red skin. It starts in my head and works its way down my body. It goes away with 50 mg of benedryl. There is no constsnt precipitating factor. I am being treated for lyme and babs. I also have peripheral neuropathy. I don't think it's the abx because it would happen every time I take them.
The 1st episode occurred immediatly after eating a bagel. the 2nd 21/2-3 hrs after eating anything or taking meds. it woke me up.
Has any one experienced anything like this? [confused] [confused]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
doesn't sound like fun!

up for help!
Posted by sprite8 (Member # 28259) on :
Thanks LymeToo for responding.
Posted by WhitneyS (Member # 25666) on :
Do you have a temp when this happens to you? That would help clarify between a few things.

I get hot skin, where I feel like I have a fever, but its like its just my skin, hard to explain. I always take my temp and its always normal or low. My Dr always wanted to say it was a temperature reaction, but i knew it wasnt. Sorry I can't help more :-(
Posted by sprite8 (Member # 28259) on :
HI Whitney,
no I don't get a temp, its like a flaming red hot sunburn that travels down my body. My skin is so sensitive and painful. It hasn't happened again , but is very confusing.
I will see my neurologist tom. and my LLMD next week and see what they think.
Thank you for responding:)

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