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Posted by JJ29 (Member # 5288) on :
I bought this product quickly not realizing that it also contained 200mg of Echinacea,and 200mg of Artemisia Annua.

It only has 125mg of GSE but according to what is stated on the bottle each capsule is equal to 12-13 drops of NutriBiotic GSE Liquid Concentrate......this sounds pretty potent.

If I am using it mainly to kill yeast, can I take this product with nystatin and abx like doxy, plaquenil and factive or is it better to take it with supplements 2 hours away from abx?

How many hours should I separate this product from probiotics?

Thank you.
Posted by jklynd (Member # 7550) on :
I'd been told by my LLMD to take Nystatin,which I had been Rx'ed in a powdered form to mix with water as needed and take 2 hrs. away from any abx. You may want to take probiotics at this time also.

It's kind of complicated since some abx have to be taken after or during a meal, or specifically on an empty stomach. Some abx will have their potency reduced by taking with milk/dairy/calcium/antacids.

Nystatin is normally for "obvious" yeast, coating on tongue, vaginal infections,and so on..

However, if you have systemic yeast, which even "basic" labs like Lab Corp and Quest can determine with blood draws,your Dr. may prescribe Diflucan,or even Amphotericin (Amphoterrible)..which is harder on the liver,and may require periodic "liver function" tests. I was advised to take Diflucan, when on it, last thing before bed. Never took the Ampho....

Since a lot of antibiotics are yeast,or fungus derived, to take them,and then take something to "kill" them would be kind of counterproductive.

I guess the theory is you give them a reasonable amount of time to do their job,and then supplement with probiotics, or any antifungals your Dr. may have prescribed.

As far as the GSE goes, maybe you can find a "sweet" spot,maybe a little after lunch, if your abx regimen allows,or see what the mfg.'s website or your Dr. recommends...

I had taken GSE in the past,and still have a fresh bottle of it, and in my case,found it helped mainly with the gastrointestinal symptoms I was experiencing. (Lots of bloating ,GI rumbling, noises, etc.)

A lot of research by Brorson/Brorson (do a PubMed,Medscape search,or Google search)indicates it is effective in controlling borrelia,(in vitro,which is in the "test tube",not necessarily in body) but whether that is because of it's active,or inactive ingredients remains to be seen....There is a lot of conjecture on that point:

Dr.Sapi,Phd. University of New Haven,Ct.and her student's research: (GSE will turn up if you do a name search)


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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You actually can take Nystatin and Diflucan at the same time as the abx... but try not to.

It is the PROBIOTICS you have to take two hours away from abx.

you can probably take the probiotics with the GSE .. but again.. avoid it if you can

Take the probiotics during the day and again at bedtime.

Are you confused yet?? [Razz]
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
JJ29..why not take the regular nutribiotic capsules which only contain the GSE? The capsules PLUS contain the other ingredients but the regular ones don't
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Grapefruit seed extract & artemesia may have a synergistic effect. I believe it's used to treat babesia. I'm not sure what it is exactly since I studied it a while ago. I think that's why they are together in a formula.

You may want to look into it. Grapefruit has some kind of effect on the liver & it can interfere with various drugs or make some more effective. You have to study it further.

It's also a Lyme cyst buster according to some research.

I'd have to dig up all my references - so, check into it yourself if you need to know more.

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