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Posted by lyme in Putnam (Member # 11561) on :
Omg, anyone know why. Back of my skull sore. Gets worse as day goes on. Doing whatever to help it, but by night, one hip plus neck. Funny, joint pain quiet now, this is everyday. I just restarted doxi rifampin a month ago. Does is lodge at top of spine? Curious, started a little before treatment, now full blast. Feel good. Thanks.
Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
My LLMD says that nuchal pain (pain right where you can imagine your head being attached to your ned) is babesia
Posted by nonna05 (Member # 33557) on :
I went through that pain ,but shortly after I started the ABX's...The pain felt like a grip,for about 40 minutes real bad....actually afraid to move until it let loose a bit.

Then several days later it stopped ,but I felt better after that with a lot of things.

Then I had steroid shots for back and hip spring to late Summer.2010

Nothing has been the same since , much bigger fight.

Everybody ,,NO STEROIDS
[tsk] [tsk] [shake] Nonna
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
I also think babesia. Mine has recenetly resolved while on malarone and zith.
Posted by jlp38 (Member # 27221) on :
If you have joint pain, you have to consider that is a joint as well, where your spine connects to your head.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
From page 26 of Burrascano:

"CLASSIC LYME (Bb infection)-
Migratory- first a knee will hurt, then over time this may lessen and the elbow or shoulder acts up, and later the joints calm down but headaches worsen.
Stiff joints and loud joint crepitus, especially the neck (Lyme shrug).
Headaches are often nuchal and associated with stiff, painful and crepitant neck."

So, according to Dr. B., these are classic lyme symptoms. Since you are currently treating lyme and are at your 4th week (28th day) of treatment, they are likely flaring.
Posted by lyme in Putnam (Member # 11561) on :
I always knew lyme and bart, not babesia. Never had reason to treat, took mepron in the beginning of treatment years ago and it did nothing. Thanks much. Feel well.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
I had no herx on bart meds (but felt better on meds) until week six, then it hit me hard. Maybe that's what's going on with you.
Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
Same with me. I had a hard week at about week 3 or 4 but mostly just felt better.

I can't imagine someone who's sick with this stuff from my neck of the woods NOT having babesia.
Posted by hurtingramma (Member # 7770) on :
I have had neck/shoulder pain for years and have been treated with the usual stuff. Recently started treating for babs and I don't think I have ever experienced the type of skull pain that am having now. I have knots all over my head and they hurt so bad that it hurts to even lie down on a soft pillow. Spent one night sleeping, or trying to, in a chair, slightly reclined. Ouch. I have PT tomorrow, as I do every week, and I hope she can give me some tips. Rubbing them like we do to the other knots (neck) doesn't seem to help at all.
Posted by fflutterby (Member # 28081) on :
I am treating babs and I have this neck pain, where my head is attached. It is horrible.
Posted by desertlily (Member # 13894) on :
Just thinking out loud here...knowing that nuchal rigidity and pain is a sign of meningeal irritation, maybe anything that causes a flare up in inflammation in the brain, whether it be Lyme or one of the cos, doesn't really could be one or all of the above!

All I know is that it sucks, and I'm sorry that you're going through it [Frown]
Posted by desertlily (Member # 13894) on :
lyme in Putnam - about your pain - me too! Always one hip (left) and my neck! Oh, and on really yucky days, my shoulder too (left). And I get migraines on the left side. Hmmm, I'm beginning to think I'd be better off WITHOUT the left side! [Wink]
Posted by lyme in Putnam (Member # 11561) on :
Everything changes everyday. Monday neck so sore, yesterday and today not as bad, but I want to scream cause my brain "just isn't right". Whoever knows me for years will tell me that, always been in a fun way, but thoughts about people you love, friends, just mean things popping in and out. There is a place for stability with all this somewhere.THIS IS SO SICK. Depersonalization has been a little less, but far from over. Im acting more like myself than in months, but still foreign to myself. This would make a great book. Since I re-started antibiotics about a month and a half ago, haven't gotten my period, could the women relate to this? This adds to all, but in the pot, don't know where to put it. Waiting on results of adrenals testing (neuroscience saliva test). Feel better, thanks.
Posted by WhitneyS (Member # 25666) on :
Go to a really good chiropractor. I am seeing a new one, and shes says the vertabre at the base of my head aren't in correct alignment. She uses muscle testing to figure out why and they adjusts.

If you are going to a chiro and the pain keeps coming back then the root of the problem isnt being treated, so get a new one!

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