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Posted by Healerdealer (Member # 23032) on :
And guess what? The new bite was a mosquito bite.
Bit me in September,in the middle of the day, as I was walking to the beach.

Within 3-4 days it became a 2 inch bullseye. I went to my doctor who muscle tested me and I was clearly positive.

I had been in remission since March 2011 and I tested negative. I also just finished the Allergie-Immun therapy in Sept.(just before I was bitten by the mosquito) and was feeling great.

I took doxy for a month, then was re-tested and that's when I found out that the new bite re-activated the old Lyme.

This is a first for me. I think this happens alot and we just don't know it.

My only new symptoms were very slight brain fog (I swear this started within 24 hours after the bite) and slightly tired in the AM.

Instead of keeping me on antibiotics, my doctor insisted I start this ozone blood irridation therapy that some of his other patients had done and got phenomenal results.

This is an IV therapy that originated in Germany. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and breaks up the bio-films.

It is a weekly therapy and I just finished my 5th IV treatment. I have 3 more to go.

I also submitted new saliva to the Allergie-immun people and just received new drops with chemical, energetic and biological disturbances. I was clear before - this all came with the new bite!

Brain fog is completely cleared and not tired. Feel great and I'm not done with the AI or the ozone therapy. There is no doubt I'll go into remission again.

Antibiotics would not have done this for me!

Something to think about.


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Posted by wrotek (Member # 5354) on :
how big was the mosquito that bit u ?
Posted by Healerdealer (Member # 23032) on :
About a 1/4 inch in length. It also had small stripe-like marks on it's body.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Put me on your list. I had reached remission a few times, only with natural treatments. Only to get bitten again.

my lyme doctor can immediately see when an infection is a new one or an old one. I don't know how he does that, but he can do it. He says new infections are VERY agressive.

Buhner explains the mechanism of invasion in the body, immediately after being infected. It does seem the new pathogens send chemical messages to gather the dormant pathogens and make them active, if my memory is good (at least, that is how I understood when I read, many years ago).

There are loads of chemical messages sent by pathogens once they invade the new host and that is how dr. K thinks that borrelia is the master mind of coinfections, like it commanded the whole group in a synergistic way, for their advantage and our disadvantage.

i do hope you will get rid of the new infection. For me, the new reinfection acting on top of a chronic infection is the WORST that can happen.

When you have been on remission, and you get bitten again, it is a bit better though, as you have time to treat it from start (even if older coinfections get reactivated too).

I would start astragalus immediately, and Japanese knotweed together.

How do you feel AI helped you? ARe you allergy free?? How about auto immune responses, are they reduced to zero or next to?

Husband and daughter are on AI drops, but we still don't see many changes (except that my daughter does not get anymore the nasty mosquito bite auto immune reactions).

Let us know how your ozone treatment goes!!! Good luck!! Don't underestimate a new infection, it is usually very hard to fight, harder than first infections.

Strange that you got with a MOSQUITO bite. Frightening!
Posted by paulieinct (Member # 17514) on :
I believe it is the tick SALIVA that triggers a dormant infection to become active. This would make sense from an evolutionary sense. The spirochetes want to hitch a ride on the new tick now biting so they can invade another host.

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