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Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to report on my experience from this morning. This is far out there as many say Cranial bones are set and can't be manipulated..yada yada yada

Well, two very well known Cardiologists recommended an Osteopath, who had a 2 mos. waiting period for new patients and you guessed it, cash only.

Being a distance away, I spent the night in a Motel in DE and had a 9:45am appt. On exam, the Dr. was quick to identify a flat spot on my forehead, abnormalities in the spine, etc. that he says were keeping my Spinal Fluid from moving freely, thus my brain is not able to float freely as it should and something about my Hypothalmus not being able to work properly.

So, I laid on the table in a dim room with soft music as the Dr. had me lay on my back and he poked his fingers in all different areas on my spine from the coccyx all the way up to the cranium. As he did his work, he told me this was out, that was out, etc. He said the coccyx bone was out too. I really didn't feel much as far as what he was "doing", but at the end of the 30 or more minutes he was working on me, I have to say:

I do feel some relief. My color in my face is much better then it has been. My right eye isn't drooping as bad, my CNS is not going as crazy as it normally is. I'm referring to the Sympathetic overdrive that I get. The pressure and pains in my head arn't bad at all. I'm more fatigued then anything. Dr. said I might have a "healing crisis", which I assume is a Herx reaction, but so far, so good.

I def. noticed something with this and f/u appts are $160 and I will be going back, but to a different Dr. he trained under himself, which I found out, is closer to where I live. So, I have to start over with the $250 new patient visit, but the 2 Cardiologists that referred me to the Dr. I saw, swear by his magical work. They tell me he is better then any pill they can give for POTS, Dysautonomia, etc.

I have a new Rife machine coming this week and working with someone 1:1 with my Rife therapy, so I will be sure to update you all on both therapies.

Curious if anyone else has had this done.

Posted by Garden (Member # 31671) on :
Could you please PM me the name of the new person who is closer to you? Thanks!!

Glad to hear this may be helping you!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Glad to hear you are getting some relief. Sounds like he is trained in the Upledger technique or something similar.

Rather than pay out of pocket, some D.O.s or D.C.s are covered under insurance. Search your options at the Upledger site and you may find someone on your insurance plan.


If that person does not work out for you, you might find others who will in the BODY WORK posts here:

How to find an ILADS-educated LL N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor), etc.

Links to many articles and books by holistic-minded LL doctors of various degrees. . . .

Since sudden quick twists of the neck are to be avoided by lyme patients, there are links to techniques that are much more gentle but also effective:

BODY WORK links with safety tailored to lyme patients - links to UPLEDGER, FELDENKRAIS, etc.
Posted by Richard1062 (Member # 19233) on :

Not far out at all. Cranial bones are NOT fused, that is a myth, they move. In good health, they move freely and rhythmically.

Any health care provider with a license for hands-on can learn how to do it. In my little corner of the country, these techniques are well known, and practiced by physical therapists and massage therapists (craniosacral therapy) as well as osteopaths.

So glad it helps you.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :

So happy to hear of your good experience. I've always been interested in this but never had a good lead on a good practitioner. Could you please PM me his info, and the other doc he trained as well?

Hope you are doing better. (btw - you are often in my prayers.... we don't even know each other very well, but for some reason I pray for you. Hope it helps!!! [Smile]

Best to you.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Gary, congrats for your first cranio sacral treatment!

dr. K. said recently that cranio sacral is among one of the treatments that still work.

In his opinion, with lyme disease today being worse and worse, abx doesn't work anymore like before it did, classical homeopathy neither.

But cranio sacral, prolotherapy and if my memory is good, osteopathy, are still good help for lyme!

I never did it. My daughter was a crying baby and only later I read about many people swearing that cranio sacral made their crying babies stop crying!!! Had I known that....

How many times do you think you should be doing that (like once a month for 6 months, a year...?).

Thanks for sharing! And congrats!!
Posted by ticksickfamily (Member # 22786) on :
You might want to research Dr Perrin's hypothesis( he is a UK osteopath) on chronic fatigue type symptoms and restricted flow of toxins from the brain

Also, a video explaining more with patient testimonies and an interview with a UK LLMD.

We are using a cranial osteopath to help with one of my sons as he goes through Lyme treatment and it seems to be having a positive effect- his energy is improved but he usually feels dreadful after having the osteopathic work done for a couple of days, then he improves. It takes a while to have a good response though- we have been having appointments for about 12 weeks- initially weekly, then every 2 weeks and now monthly. He is on herbals/ supplements from his LLMD too plus homeopathics from a homeopath.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
My husband has been getting cranial sacral therapy for about 2 years now.

At first he herxed after each treatment. He still does but not as much as at first.

He can tell its time for another treatment - Its amazing how doing what seems like such a small thing can create such a big herx! And how much better he feels afterwards.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
Hey Gary,

Are you still feeling after-effects from your treatment?

MannaMe - I guess it seems like this is something that needs ongoing treatments. I don't know why, but I was thinking (hoping) that a few treatments would correct the things that were out of alignment and things would stay corrected. I guess not??
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
A note about getting cranial-sacral therapy or similar treatments.

For a full 24 hours afterward, drink lots of water and also DO NOT over-exert your skeleton. The treatment has to have time to "take" - and you don't want to go pulling and stretching against that. Easy does it.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
For people who are in general good health - it seems they don't need as many treatments.

Those that are dealing with issues have a harder time "holding" their treatment.

Keebler, I agree! Drink lots of water and take it easy!

My sis-in-law went for the training to do cranial sacral therapy. She asked if she can work on our family as part of her training. She's doing really good!

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