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Posted by katrinab (Member # 30330) on :
I have alot of gas and bloating in my abdomen that i notice gets better when i take diflucan. i have tried alot of other things to get rid of yeast while including an anti yeast diet: oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, garlic etc and nothing has worked as well as the diflucan. is there anything i can buyh in stores that will be as strong as the diflucan? my LLMD said that she cant prescribe it forever, so i should try to find something for when she can no longer give it to me.
Posted by Igor's mom (Member # 29191) on :
Have you tried Candex?
Byron White may have an antifungal herbal product you can ask her about.
My doctor uses a lot of Nystatin which you swallow-its made with sugar and frankly I don't think it works as well as diflucan either.

The problem with Diflucan is you can develop an allergy for it. I think it also has liver issues, I need to reread the package insert to be certain of this.

Try nystatin see if that doesn't work for you. You can get it specially compounded by a compounding pharmacy without the dyes and sugar but it costs a lot more, like 90 bucks versus 20 bucks. But it kills yeast.

Also try taking S. boulardi (I take florastor) the good yeast that supposed eats up the bad yeast. Also take some good probiotics to fight the yeast for the goodies in your body. (I take VSL#3 and Theralac among others) Try some kefir or organic saurkraut and yogurt with lots of acidophilus-homemade kefir and yogurt are better for you. Organic apple cider vinegar....

Basically eat or put into your body the good yeast and bacteria to fight the bad bacteria/yeast.

Thats about all I can think of.

How long have you been on diflucan? Can you take breaks from it and then go back, pulse it?
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
In my experience there is nothing that works as well as diflucan for yeast.
Posted by skies (Member # 28064) on :
It does work well, but you can't take it forever.. For me, it really seemed to increase my hair loss after I was on it for 2 or 3 months. I stopped at that point. I'm sure I'll take it again in the future, as it did make me feel better after being on it for a time.

You could try Nystatin tablets.. They are supposedly much easier on your body than Diflucan, although I think Nystatin only works on yeast in the mouth/gut..Diflucan is for systemic yeast. Nystatin is frequently used as more of a "preventative" anti-yeast med. Lots of people take it with their antibiotics.

There is a liquid Nystatin available that has NO sugar... It is from a compounding pharmacy. I've taken it before. It works like the tablets, but it is more effective than the tablets for oral thrush, as you swish it around before swallowing it.

There are other anti-yeast meds that can be rotated to keep the yeast "guessing" so to speak.. I've heard of sporonox, amphotericin B, etc.. Those are all by prescription.

As far as over the counter--I once tried "Candi-Gone", which is an herbal yeast cleanse, and I think it helped a bit.
Posted by klutzo (Member # 5701) on :
My doc has had me on 1 tab of 100 mg. Diflucan twice weekly now for a couple of years. It seems to work and has caused no problems at such a low dose.

I also take NSI brand 15-30 Probiotics daily and eat a heaping tsp. of chopped garlic a few times a week.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by TF:
In my experience there is nothing that works as well as diflucan for yeast.


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