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Posted by katrinab (Member # 30330) on :
Can people please share their experience with PAIN MEDS and which ones worked. I am now looking for a pain med that I wont become addicted to, build tolerance, etc.
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by back2game (Member # 23927) on :
I've found that I cannot take any prescription pain meds. Combination of Lyrica, Hydrocodone and Tramadol kept me bed-ridden for 1 year. The Lyrica was literally dismantling my CNS. Fentanyl patch caused severe chest pain. Cymbalta and Savella caused more severe fatigue.

I believe I'm super sensitive to any meds due to lyme, so the strongest thing I can take is Tylenol PM, and usually only 1 cap.

I feel I rather be in pain and alive than in no pain and 6 feet under. Sorry for being so blunt, but this is from my own experience. They were literally killing me. In addition, the withdrawal process was the MOST excruciatingly painful thing I've ever been thru so far on this mad journey.

There are many holistic approaches to treating pain also. I do wish you find something that works for you.

Also, Dr. Bernie Siegel's books "Living Between Office Visits" and "Love, Medicine and Miracles" helped me immensely with the emotional aspect of loving with chronic illness.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Topic: Looking for long term pain management


Since good sleep helps with our comfort level:

Topic: NATURAL SLEEP - Links to articles & supplements

Since Adrenal dysfunction that goes with lyme affects sleep, ADRENAL SUPPORT LINKS are included here.
Posted by Dogsandcats (Member # 28544) on :
Every person is different. I would recommend you find what your pain med options are available to you.

A pain dr should have more available to help than just drugs.

It might be good to explore options.
Posted by searching4truth (Member # 28481) on :
Katrinab, I sent you a PM.

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Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
In addition to pain meds (which I wouldn't discount), and other natural remedies, I recently discovered Zyflamend, an herbal anti-inflammatory that really works apparently. I found a relatively cheap source online (I forget where at the moment). You start with 1 cap per day and work up to as much as 2 twice a day. Some take more even.

If I didn't have pain meds, I don't think I would have survived.

Lidoderm patches are really helpful, esp for neuropathic pain. They are an rx, and I think are expensive if you don't have insurance. They are lidocaine in a 12 hour patch (the same as novocaine). You can use up to 3 patches per day. I use a stetchy headband that you get in a sporting goods store to keep one on my neck. they're sticky, but don't stick as well as they should.
Posted by lightfoot (Member # 2536) on :
Due to stomach issues I had to stop all NSAIDS (advil and maloxicam types). I had relied on these for several years.

I was in terrible shape and desperate. I did not want to go the opiate route.

I discovered Wobenzym - super anti-inflammatory used on an empty stomach systemically.

I haven't tried the one in the post above by Rumigirl but it's the same type of thing.

I also use Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). I am back to be functional again. Wahoo!

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