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Posted by horsefly (Member # 34232) on :
What does rotten-egg smelling flatulence mean? Do I have an allergy to something I'm eating? Are my antibiotics causing this? I'm taking lots of probiotics, maybe not enough.

I have a gastro appointment soon, I also need to know what to ask him. sorry for the not-so-normal question.
Posted by kimmie (Member # 25547) on :
Most likely means that there is an imbalance of good versus bad gut flora. When certain bacteria are missing in our guts, we dont process food the same....causing fermentation in the gut and foul smelling gas. I bet it is worse with a high fiber intake, but fiber feeds the good bacteriodes and helps restore balance.

I followed the diet suggestions and other advice on this link and it helped me greatly. However, I had stopped ABX too because I also had c diff.

Best wishes
Posted by horsefly (Member # 34232) on :
Definitely an imbalance, what a great article kimmie, I wish someone could 'simplify'it for me though, I have difficulty understanding complex things right now. I think I need to change my diet for sure.

Sorry to hear about your C diff problem, I hope you're feeling better, I've heard it can be pretty bad. May I ask what 'tipped' the scales for you? I've been so afraid of C-diff since starting, long-term antibiotics are not without complications.

Feel better too!
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Wow, Kimmie, awesome link! Thanks for posting!
Posted by mom2kids (Member # 31972) on :
Just a thought...

I got my father to start taking a teaspoon of vinegar a day for another problem and it has cut his gas way down. He could also empty the whole house when he would have a BM (chase everyone out with the smell) and since he started with the vinegar my mom said there is almost no odor.

I'm not a doctor and I don't know why this worked, but it certainly worked for my dad.
Posted by JAC (Member # 34240) on :
Wow mom 2 kids, I think I should try vinegar on my greyhounds they can empty a room rather quickly.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
oh no,'nobody can clear out an entire house like my husband
Posted by Buster (Member # 19472) on :
depends on what you ate... different foods create different smells. I wouldn't worry about anything.
Posted by CountryMouse (Member # 32073) on :
I get rotten egg smell when i drink too much of my unfiltered well water. It contains a lot of dissolved sulfur which apparently passes through me!
Posted by klutzo (Member # 5701) on :
I believe it's hydrogen sulfate (H2S) but can't remember which bacterial imbalance that is connected with, sorry.....Lyme brain.

There is a huge discussion on this at Phoenix Rising Forum,and even if you are not a member you can still read it.

Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
randibear, I feel your pain. My husband is a skunk!
Posted by Dogsandcats (Member # 28544) on :
oh my son had giardia years ago...he could peel paint and wall paper...

it went on and on, kept taking him to the dr and the doc kept saying it is just a boy thing.

Finally tested him and it was positive. Took two rounds of antibiotics to cure.

it wasn't the best of times. It didn't go over well in the car pool on the way home from school.

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