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Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
Wow!!! For an herb that is touted as promoting calmness (which it did, as a sedative would), it also managed to "activate" the lyme, etc. in my brain....

Anyone else out there have a similar experience???

I think that taking the "full" dose as my first dose was, at least in part, responsible for the strong "activation". And after 12 hours, it was freaky!....I felt "withdrawal symptoms", as I am right now, again....12 hours after having taking a pill (this time just one).....

Any suggestions on the withdrawal issue???

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Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
From one capsule, there is likely no "withdrawal" issue but if you feel unusual, just take care of yourself and likely, soon, this will pass in a day or so.

I don't really see how this could technically "activate lyme in the brain" - I just read over a few articles about it and wonder if the full dose just might have been too strong for you.

Many with lyme are very sensitive to Rx and to herbs at full dose, early on.

I'm sorry that this has caused some discomfort for you and I'm not exactly what you mean by "freaky" -- Do you mean Agitated? Spaced out? Etc. ?

What is the product you used? What form: capsule, tincture, tea? NOT essential oil, I hope.

Is there a link to what you took?

I wonder if there were other ingredients and the dose amount.

The reaction you had was not at all what I had. To me, this was very relaxing, taking it only before bedtime.

But brands do vary as do formulas - as well as people's individual reactions.

Did you take anything else at the time?

Drinking enough water?

It may be that this is just not the right thing for you. There are many herbs that work very well for me - but also a couple that really don't.

Often, with adrenal herbs, they work best in a balanced formula.

Hope you are feeling better after a good night's sleep.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Could it have lowered your blood sugar?

Holy Basil


Precautions and Side Effects:

Holy Basil has the ability to slightly thin the blood and shouldnt be taken by people taking blood thinning medications.

It may also lower the blood sugar and shouldnt be taken by anyone with hypoglycemia. . . .

[as with all OTC and supplements, if pregnancy is possible, first consult doctor.]
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I drink Tulsi/Holy basil tea sometimes, but have never had this sort of reaction.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Are you feeling better today?

I am concerned about the source of what you took, wondering if it is what it says it is.
Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
Hi Keebler:

Thank you for your information, concern, and well-wishes. :-))

Yes....I might give it another try, after a few days, and then only take it before bed, starting at a much smaller dose.

The product is a good one, no doubts there. It is Holy Basil "Force", put out by New Chapter. Maybe it's *too* forceful.....I'll have to see if this is a "souped-up" version of holy basil.....

Yes....I believe that it *also* lowered my blood sugar levels....I did take note of that as well.....

Of course, like you stated, some herbs/supplements/etc. just don't work well for some people. Although not an herb, I remember back to when I started Welchol. I took too much too soon, but then pulled back and was fine. It is very possible that this would be the case for me with holy basil as well. :-))

I must say.....I have been *very* fortunate, in that I have been able to tolerate just about everything that I have tried so far, even if I had to slowly/gradually move into whatever I was starting (and of course that is good advice anyway!)....

Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
I've been taking New Chapter's Holy Basil (Force) twice a day with meals for 7 years now to balance my cortisol levels. Never EVER had any kind of reaction. Did you take it with food?
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
I'm not sure of your withdrawl symptoms but I think you may be having a herx rather than withdrawl. Perhaps increase your detox.

As far as lowering blood sugar - holy basil is thought to lower cortisol. Lowering cortisol would likely lower blood sugar. I have no idea if holy basil could lower cortisol with just a few doses but I suppose it's possible.

Lowering cortisol (if elevated) may also help the immune system fight infection since high cortisol depresses the immune system.

Holy basil may treat babesia since it has a moderate effect on malaria according to one study that I read.

I'm not a doctor and I can't say for sure that any of these factors are why you had such a reaction but I thought I would mention what I know about holy basil because I have been doing some research on it.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Another thing to consider: while the brand you are taking is excellent, be sure your bottle is fresh - not having taken a long nap on a radiator or perched next to the oven or microwave.

This is important for all supplements and Rx, keep from heat and watch the expiration date.

I mention this for the gelcaps you are taking as they contain olive oil and should not get hot. Old oil of any kind can be toxic.

I know some of us may have some supplements that have been hanging around for a while. So it's just important to keep freshness and climate in mind.

[So, then, you might ask: well, we cook with olive oil? Yes, but we eat it right away. Even with food, we should use the least amount possible for sauteeing, etc. and drizzle it fresh just before serving. Also keep the olive oil on your counter away from direct heat.]
Posted by Abxnomore (Member # 18936) on :
I take the same brand and have never had any problems. I also no longer have lyme. You may never know if it was the Holy Basil or some lyme symptom.

We do sometimes act strangely to supplements and medications.

Just hope you are feeling better now.
Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :
I think Holy Basil if supposed to balance stress hormones and the immune system. It is known as an adaptogen.

Maybe it balanced you immune system, and that freaked-out the Lyme. Lyme likes an inflamed out-of-balance body.
Posted by Sz (Member # 45722) on :
Hello abc ombré,I see this was written in 2012. Wondering how you are with Lyme as I have it ,and believe the holy basil( fresh grown in my garden ,tea.., and magnesium that I have just started about 3 days or so ago have started a herx reaction .

The reason I think this is because it feels the same as herx that I had at the beginning of recovery 1 year ago. I was taking 1700 mg of different antibiotics then.

I'm actually hoping it is a herx because that means it is killing Lyme again and I will continue with it. More water though definitely!,, I hope you are reading this and can respond. Sherry


(Breaking up the paragraph for easier reading for many here)

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Posted by Sz (Member # 45722) on :
The above message from sherry z was meant to say hello abxnomore
Posted by msdixie (Member # 46254) on :
If it is a substance that is a chelator ( binds to metals ) you can get a herx like reaction that is identical to the dying off of bacteria .

Chlorella , artemesia , garlic, cilantro and many many other substances bind to metals and cause the same sort of reaction .

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