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Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
Im currently on 400mg per LLMD recently

changed it to me taking 600 mg per day (Three

100mg pills, twice daily)......not sure If im

comfortable with that much at this point. would it

be advisable to take 500mg per day, and take for

example: Three in the morning and two in the

evening? or does the dosage have to be even...?

Thanks for any help
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I don't think it has to be even. Are you a big person? I could never take more than 400mg a day.

make sure you are taking them in the MIDDLE of a MEAL
Posted by gmb (Member # 23562) on :
It depends what else you are taking with the Doxy. If Doxy alone, then 600mg is high but not excessive. Give it a try, and if its too much back off.

I've know others who take 1500mg/day of Tetracycline, which is in the same family as Doxy.

Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
LYMETOO, Im 5'11" about 175-180 lbs. Im sure 600 mg

is appropriate for my size, I just would rather

give 500 mg a shot first. I just wasnt sure If it

was acceptable to take 300mg in the morning and

then 200 mg later on......
Posted by NJFitnessGuy (Member # 30886) on :
I dont think there will be much of a difference between 500mgs & 600mgs per day, especially if you have been on & gotten used to 400mgs. Try the 600mgs and break them up either 2X or 3X per day evenly spread out with meals. 300mgs X2 or 200mgs X3. Trust your LLMD until he gives you a reason not to trust him.

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