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Posted by BackinStOlaf (Member # 23725) on :
could it be from
i know i have vocal chord dysfunction that cause me to not breathe well for the past year. But why do I have 2 weeks where it is decent, and then 2 weeks when it's awful and i want to die?

we tried babesia treatment last year, I am in lyme treatment only now. I am starting chelation soon and am on day 1 of a parasite cleanse.

which illness goes in 2 week cycles?
Posted by BackinStOlaf (Member # 23725) on :
Bueller? Bueller?
Posted by whatayear (Member # 15833) on :
This is what im trying to figure out to. I have VCD and I have two good weeks then two bad week where i feel like im not getting enough oxygen. Mine is somehow connected to my hormones. about two weeks before my period my bad starts and its bad bad bad and then bam the day my period starts like clockwork it goes back to my normal bad where i can deal with it better and go out and somewhat function. did your start after a cold/sinus/URI? i was in remission from lyme when mine started after bronchitis and sinus infection. I have found things online regarding hormones affecting the vocal cords acutally causing inflammation around the period. This makes sense with mine. I honestly think the vocal cord issue is related to a virus issue not lyme or coinfections. Even though lyme and co can affect nerves viruses actual travel through them. i know this is nerve damage i just cant figure out how to fix it. or what virus it is. I dont have any other issues except for this. did you get botox? how did it go, any improvement? we cant give up there has to be answer! im doing a juice fast for a few weeks to see if that helps i know when my diet is perfect its better but not gone or near livable but better and i was supposed to start acupunture a few weeks ago but cant start for two more weeks but ive read people that have success in treating this is with acupuncture to help correct the nerve damage. Have you tried acupuncture yet?
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
I thought Babs had a 2-week cycle?

A parasite expert (who also has Lyme himself) told me parasites love that may also explain the connection with the hormone cycles...

And I should point out also that L-Lysine is great for dealing with inhibits their ability to reproduce. I have more energy being on L-Lysine.
Posted by nonna05 (Member # 33557) on :
Razzle ..Brand?? dose??? can it go with other supps OK... is this one of the basics.

So if you take Bio-hormones does that case them to stir up? Or do they deplete them in your system???/

Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
The brand of L-Lysine I'm taking is Country Life. Each capsule has 500mg, and I take 2 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast. Amino acids taken theraputically need to be taken on an empty stomach.

Yes, I would think bio-identical hormones would stir up some parasites (probably not all)... I don't know if the parasites would deplete the hormones from the body or not... I suspect it may be more of a out of balance, wrong levels sort of thing, but I don't know for sure.

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