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Posted by dan67 (Member # 20344) on :
Hi all,

Could everyone who has used mild (around 1.3 ATA) hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please share a brief summary of your results, here?

I'm considering buying one, but even a used one is a lot of $$$$$$ , so trying to do prudent research. Thank you.
Posted by timaca (Member # 6911) on :
I did the deeper dives. Do a search using my member number and HBOT and you should find my posts.

Best, Timaca
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Please see my story under "success stories". I have my life back thanks to mild hyperbaric. Consistency, frequency, and duration is the must be completely committed to this treatment...but it WORKS.
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
Phoiph - would you mind posting the approximate cost of the chamber.
Posted by oxygenbabe (Member # 5831) on :
Can really help but you can lease it first to see.
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Prices vary according to size of chamber and whether you buy new or used.

For example, Oxyhealth chambers (the only ones I recommend), range from about 6,000 for the smallest, to 18,000 for the largest, new.

Used chambers range from about 5,000 for the smallest, to about 10,000 for the largest, used.

There are rent-to own programs, discount programs, as well as private loan companies for medical equipment that can make it more affordable. Also, pairing up with someone in your area to share costs has been successful for some that can't afford to own their own.

I emphasize that you can't just do this treatment for a month or so "just to see"...if that were the case, I would have sent my chamber back (which I almost did), as I didn't "feel" benefit at that point. It was, for me, after 60 dives that I realized that changes were occurring...and I kept on...

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Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Hello, all...

Here's a little more detail...

I had severe neurological Lyme w/Babesia & Bartonella for 8 years...considered an antibiotic failure, and so ill I was homebound for 5 years straight.

My symptoms were extreme and relentless; too many to list here. I was told, even by LLMD's, that I needed a miracle, and there was nothing more they could do for me (I tried many, many protocols with never any improvement, just a continual spiral downward).

I eventually became so toxic and environmentally sensitive that I could do no treatments for 5 years before starting MILD hyperbaric treatment w/supplemental oxygen (I bought my own chamber and self-treated 1 hour daily).

I now have my life back...working again, running (I had been a runner for 17 years, pre-Lyme), traveling, etc. It has been a miraculous recovery, and it is 100% due to mHBOT (along with meticulous diet, and gradual exercise).

I believe success depends on the frequency and consistency of use...many people say they "tried hyperbaric, but it didn't work"...but if you query them, inevitably they didn't do it consistently or frequently enough...or for a long enough duration. You must be committed to this treatment to have success. Also, research is showing that lower pressures are better for treating certain neurological conditions, so may be why some people with neurological Lyme who used higher pressures in the hard chambers didn't progress.

I almost made the fatal mistake of returning my chamber after 40 consecutive "dives", not feeling any improvement at that point. Fortunately, I was talked into continuing treatment, and felt the first "change" (not necessarily "improvement") after about 2 months.

It was a rocky, 2-step-forward, 1-step back road, but after several months, although I was not completely well, I was functional again, and after 1-1/2 years, I was "back"...

Now, 2 years from the beginning of treatment, I am still noticing benefits from the chamber...and truly have my life back...very active restrictions...

Low (pressure) and slow WORKS...I'm living proof...

Here's another thread...
Posted by mbdq (Member # 26277) on :
I see there are more people using mild hyperbaric now. I am bringing this thread back up so we can post updates on our progress.

I have been doing mild hyperbaric since early Sept 2013. As of today, I am at 50 hours of use. I have had to take days off for work and personal travel and at the recommendation of my LLMD because my symptom/herx flares have been so strong.

So far, I have had a huge increase in symptoms- some of which I have not experienced in years. I have broken out in multiple rashes across my body. I have had some very scary new symptoms including dizziness and feeling like I am going to pass out. My LLMD and I definitely feel the mHBOT has woken up the bugs and is causing these flares.

I was on Bicillin injections 1x/week and pulsing Tindamax 3 days/week when I first started mHBOT and had been taking those Rx for a few months. I am now only doing mHBOT to see if I can feel a little better and not stuck in one huge herx response. Also, focusing on detox with good food, lots of water, B12 shots, etc.

In all of this, I have had substantial relief from debilitating migraines especially during my period. I am starting to have glimpses of "feeling well" where my body feels good and I have no pain for a few hours. I finally felt like I could exercise again this week, and since I started mHBOT I have been too worn out and in pain to do so. I also feel like some parts of my personality are coming back that I didn't even know were missing. I am laughing more, dressing better (put makeup AND jewelry on for Thanksgiving- in previous years, I would have cared less).

Prior to mHBOT, I did 4 years of combo antibiotics, including 8 months IV and was still struggling and desperate for something else to help.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Mbdq- that is great feedback! [Smile]
Posted by CD57 (Member # 11749) on :
This is great feedback. Hopefully we can get more folks who are starting mHBOT to post.

MBDQ, Are you doing the 1.3 ATA in your home? Coinfections?

Anyone interested, would you consider posting tx history and diagnoses, if you feel comfortable? MBDQ is off to a great start.

I did 40 dives, 5 days a week, at 2.4 ATA with Dr J in DC. Had a huge headachey/jaw herx thing the first few days, afterwards just felt better.
Posted by TNT (Member # 42349) on :
I'm not doing well at all right now, but I will say that we seem to have enough people on this forum alone to get a good evaluation of mHBOT within the next 4 to six months. Hopefully, the results will be overwhelmingly positive for everyone!
Posted by Tanya R (Member # 41817) on :
Here is some information on mild HBOT from my doc:

I bought a 31" model from Newtowne Hyperbarics for $6995, which includes the oxygen concentrator. I believe the non-military cost is $8995. The construction of the unit is solid. All of the valves are metal and it has 3 zippers and 3 seatbelt like latches. I hate crawling in and out as it's tight, but once inside, I'm propped up somewhat by pillows. I wouldn't suggest getting anything smaller than a 31". I'm 5'6" and feels pretty roomy.

I'm doing 90 minutes daily and have done 11 hours so far. I use my tablet to watch movies on Netflix, so the time goes by really quickly. I initially had a burst of energy after my first few dives. I'm feeling more depressed which I would attribute to die-off.

I don't really have anything to report as of now, but I hope to have some positive news in the next few weeks / months.

I was dx with Lyme in 2008. I believe I've had it since I was a child. Headaches started at age 14 and I'm now 39. I was a daily aspirin and ibuprofen taker for years to deal with headaches and overall pain. I had cognitive issues and fog. I was dx with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I have positive blood smears for Babesia and Bartonella, which was done by Dr. J (LymeMD blogger) in his office. I have been on a combination of herbals and pharmaceuticals since 2008. Tired of being tired, I bought my mHBOT 2 weeks ago. My headaches are better, but I'm tired and a bit depressed. Maybe that's a good sign.

I'm currently on Coartem, Tindamax, Biaxin and Cipro.

I'll try and keep you all updated.

Posted by mbdq (Member # 26277) on :
Thanks Tanya for posting. I also had an increase in energy initially and I have had some pretty significant depression/fatigue episodes as well. Especially when my symptoms flare badly and I am stuck in bed or on the couch all day. I am looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

I am doing a home chamber- 1.3atm. The respiro 270 from Oxyhealth with an Oxygen concentrator. I was diagnosed with lyme, babs and bart. Also high titers for Epstein Barr and Mycoplasma Pneumonia.

I was undiagnosed for at least 11 years. I started treating in 2009 with Dr. C in NY for 1 year (great doc for straightforward cases, he got my husband completely well), then was with Dr. H for 1.5 years (couldn't handle the aggressive protocols and wasn't a good personality fit for me) and now I have seen Dr. S in CT for 1.5 years. He is less aggressive and always has some sort of option for me to try.

I have also done a lot of adjunctive therapies to help along the way- herbs, infrared sauna detox, anti-parasitics, had all amalgams removed, heavy metal chelation, etc. Despite all these therapies, I was not completely well. Functional, but in pain and having some sort of symptoms daily.

My worse symptoms are head and neuro stuff. Chronic burning head pain, migraines, twitching, tremors. Then the usual migratory joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, etc.

I could never tolerate more than 3 Rx at a time and when I really go after coinfections, I get yeast infections or get very sick and depressed. Hoping mHBOT is the final ticket to wellness for me.
Posted by BBinme (Member # 34131) on :
Bringing this up!! I too am thinking about taking the plunge...i would love to hear more from people doing this.
Mbdq I was wondering how you started hbot? How long and how frequently? I am very sensitive to everything and I think it would cause me to herx strong like you. Did you have to slow down b/c of flaring? Also, how do you like the respiro? I am glad to hear that it is helping you! I hope it continues to get better, please keep us updated.

Anyone else???
Posted by mbdq (Member # 26277) on :
I jumped in at 1 hr/day, everyday. My symptoms flared strongly. Within a few weeks, I had to back off because I did get some barotrauma, but that has gotten better and I continue to try to dive daily.

I average about 5 hrs/week as I have to travel for work some.

As for progress, it is generally in a positive direction, but every single day is different. I have symptoms that have flared and gotten better- joint pain, muscle pain, dizziness, passing-out feeling, etc. While other symptoms- nerve pain, burning head pain, twitches, have gotten worse.

About once per week, I am still getting "glimpses" where I am completely pain free for a few hours. And when you have been in constant pain for 4+ years, you walk around your house tiptoeing in wonder, trying to keep that going.

I am very relieved that the extreme dizzy/passing out feeling is better. That scared the u-know-what out of me. I also feel that some yeast symptoms I have are better too.

I am up to 65 hrs total. I really like the Respiro- easy to use, reliable, my complete alone time to focus on healing.
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Posted by BBinme (Member # 34131) on :
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :

Supposedly increases oxygen uptake. Take with a meal (food) in the morning.

Discuss with doctor first!

In mice...prolactin spontaneously restored the myelin sheath (destroyed in MS) and Glycox (berberine) was effective for MS too.

The "herbs" can be, and are, very powerful.

Pycnogenol looks really good...more powerful than curcumin perhaps.
Posted by dan67 (Member # 20344) on :
up... mbdq, any update?
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
Im up to 38 days now. Initially didnt see much change after starting the mHBOT. I recently added diflucan and some other candida supplements to my treatment. Lots of symptoms have increased since. Fatigue, body aches, dizziness, brainfog, mood issues etc.

Im gonna go off bart antibiotics next week. Take a break and focus on the yeast which seems to be a big player in my illness. I hope the mHBOT can keep the bacterial infections in check. Perhaps it can keep me off antibiotics all together. Who knows...?
I will also be taking some herbs for babs, bart and lyme (CSA, enula, teasel and perhaps some others).
Posted by spinning122 (Member # 42223) on :
Thanks for the update S13.

I am 12 days in using the Respiro for 60 min everyday...previously did deep dives at a clinic.

Extreme fatigue and weakness. Need to sleep 12-15 hours a day and simple things like showering and walking my dog wipe me out. My worst symptoms are GI problems and brain fog.

Currently on Tindamax and Biaxin, tapering off Cymbalta (which may be causing a lot of this malaise), and started up Nystatin.

Pain relief sustained with ongoing dives: muscle, joint, bone, nerve pain.
Posted by mbdq (Member # 26277) on :
I am up to 97 hours. I should be further along in hours but January turned out to be a very high travel month for me (14 days) and I have since gotten a very bad cold and bronchitis from my last trip.

So I havent been able to use the chamber really since January 25th. I tried to go back in today but my ears wont clear due to congestion so I will have to wait it out.

Something very interesting started happening around 75 hours. At least once per day my hands flush warm and stay warm for awhile. I have always had very cold hands, reynauds, etc. This has seemed very significant to my physiology is changing for the better.

Also, this cold I have now is the worst cold I have gotten since the late ninetiesand getting lyme. Its been a real bear but if it means my immune system is fighting and normalizing, I will take it.

Interestingly, the doc I saw for the cold put me on cefdinir. I am now 5 days in on that. I have always herxed strongly on new drugs, especially ceftin and I havent had my usual herx response. I have had some twinges of stuff and a substantial increase in muscle pain, but no real increase in neuro symptoms. Now, it may all catch up with me tomorrow, but I am very keen to see where this goes.

Overall, I believe the mhbot is still helping me. I feel I need to get in it more and rest more as my schedule has been too busy for my body to adequately keep healing.
Posted by janej (Member # 43272) on :
We bought a respite chamber 5 months ago for our daughter who has been sick for about 8 years. She was finally diagnosed with Lyme about 2 years ago. We tried antibiotics for 1.5 years along with many herbal remedies. Nothing worked but symptoms at times decreased only to come back with a vengeance. We finally decided we had to buy the chamber. Her body could not handle all the antibiotics. The first month was very hard. Her pain was severe although after the month it started to decrease some. Her symptoms fluctuated throughout the last 4 months and recently she woke up with no pain or very little. Her mind was clear and her depression was gone. We are waiting to see if it lasts. This is the best we have seen her in years. She had such brain fog, poor memory, severe depression, chronic fatague, and severe joint, muscle and nerve pain. She felt like she was burning and stabbed all over. For the last 10 days she is waking up in the morning, cleaning her room, exercising off and on and functioning like a almost normal person. She still has to get enough rest, eat right and take things slow but overall greatly improved. We are thrilled with the progress. She will continue diving each day for an hour.
Posted by janej (Member # 43272) on :
Sorry auto correct got me. I meant we have the respiro mhyperbaric chamber.
Posted by CD57 (Member # 11749) on :
This is fantastic! What a great story Jane !
Did your daughter have other infections besides Lyme as well? Did she start with an hour every day also ?

This is a great update. Am so happy for your daughter.
Posted by janej (Member # 43272) on :
Thanks. She started at one hour right away. If she was not feeling well she sometimes only did 30 minutes. We only tested for east coast co-infections. They were negative although she had horrible sweats and temperature deregulation. She is still cold a lot but not the hot and cold like before.
Posted by canadianmama (Member # 36298) on :
My son is at about 30 dives in a mHbot. He does about 1 hour 5 times a week.

His fatigue and pain levels have been much better since starting his dives.

He has done almost 2 years of alternating herbs and photon therapy. His progress has been steady but he hit a nasty viral infection in the fall.

We did photon therapy for the virus but the nerve pain the viruses caused was not going away so we tried mHbot and it helped in three sessions.

2 years ago he was bed ridden, severe neuro symptoms (anxiety, haluciations, zone outs) so he has come along way.

Now he can walk again, no neuro symptoms, biggest complaint is leg pain and fatigue.
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
So now it looks like im dealing with Protomyxzoa, not Candida. Got some of my findings posted here:

That changes the picture for me somewhat. What has caused my recent flare of symptoms? 2 things come to mind.
1. Going after candida with the candida diet and antifungals. The candida diet (paleo) gave me lots of fats to eat, so that might cause a flare. PR seems to like fat.
2. The mHBOT causes breakdown of the PR biofilm.

Could be either one, or a combination of both. What would be most relevant for this topic, is a confirmation of mHBOT induced biofilm breakdown!

Now I make Giemsa stains of my blood on a regular basis, and that allows me to look at some of the biofilms floating around in the blood. Normally i take these during the day, before i have my mHBOT session, but yesterday i did one immediately after the mHBOT. Just to see if it makes a difference in the amount (or size) of biofilms.

My impressions are indeed an increase in the amount of small biofilms, however im having a bit of a problem finding a reliable way to quantify the results. I might need to do some more work on that part.

Also, what does an increase in biofilm in the blood after an mHBOT session mean? Is it because it breaks the biofilms up? Does it dislodge biofilms which were stuck in the capillaries? You could probably get the same results with a workout or sauna session... So is the mHBOT really useful in this matter?

So many questions....

Perhaps time will tell.
For now ive switched to a fat free diet, because i dont want to add more fuel to the fire...

Also very curious to what other peoples experiences are so far, so please post.
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Here is an article and comments by LymeMD regarding the subject:

"Biofilms: Hyperbaric?"
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
He mentions it is demonstrated that HBOT disperses biofilms. But that is a little vague? It would be good to have evidence of this (like a scientific study).
Dont get me wrong here, my own research also seems to point somewhat in that direction, but that doesnt make it proof.

I think people here are looking to determine how valuable mhbot can be. So they can determine if the benefits outweigh the costs. Scientific proof can be very beneficial.

I dont think there have been any clear reports from PR sufferers who have used mhbot. Perhaps even without the usual proteolytic enzymes. That would be really interesting!
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
"...I dont think there have been any clear reports from PR sufferers who have used mhbot. Perhaps even without the usual proteolytic enzymes. That would be really interesting!..."

Well, that would likely be me, then...

I had a blood smear microscopy done in 2007 by F. Labs which indicated moderate protozoal forms (babesia spp).

I had the photograph of the blood smear re-interpreted by Dr. F in 2010 to clarify, as I had read that there was some controversy surrounding his findings back in 2007, and possibly some new developments in diagnosing additional organisms, etc.

The 2010 report indicated "hypochromic erythrocytes, epierythrozoans, hemobartonella, or hemoplasma, ring forms suggestive of protozoans (potentially Babesia spp, Plasmodium spp, or FL1953").

So, by this interpretation, it is quite possible that I had FL1953/PR.

I was on no formal treatment between the time the blood smear was taken, and the time I started mHBOT (several years), and was on no other medications during that time (due to having become chemically sensitized), and had never taken proteolytic enzymes.

There's more detail in this thread:
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
Yes i was aware of your story. And yes, you may have had PR, which could have been cured by mhbot (perhaps i shouldnt use the word "cure", but you get the point). In fact your antibiotic failure could very well be explained by the presence of PR.
But that is still very vague. MHbot might be a very important tool for PR sufferers, but we just dont know for sure right now...
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
What DO we really know for sure in Lyme World?

From my perspective, of course, my situation was not vague at the variables were limited.

For example, there were no formal treatments other than mild hyperbaric going on, no medications or supplements (for several years prior), a consistent diet (could tolerate only a few foods) exposure to environmental variables (housebound during this time)...

What makes the picture vague and confusing to me is when a person is on multiple medications and/or supplements, concurrent and changing protocols, inconsistent diets, multiple adjunctive treatments, etc...

In that case, figuring out what variable might be responsible for a symptom change or flare becomes much more difficult...
Posted by oxygenbabe (Member # 5831) on :
Fry and his organism are of dubious distinction...I ignore Fry completely.
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
Dubious is the wrong word. Questionable yes. It is always good to be skeptic of new things. But simply ignoring it might be dangerous as well... What if its the reason you are still sick? Wouldnt you want to explore all possibilities?
Posted by oxygenbabe (Member # 5831) on :
No, S13, I don't have time to investigate every rogue scientist whose work has never been replicated. And why is dubious the wrong word? I said of dubious distinction. I think that phrase works. Anyway, I could go chasing lots of rogue scientists, and I don't think it's a good use of my time.

If I could tolerate lots of drugs, I might try invermectin, since Burgdorfer (who ain't rogue) found microfilarial worms in the tick gut. I might also investigate antivirals, since Powassan and Heartland virus have now been isolated from ticks, and there may be others.
Posted by mbdq (Member # 26277) on :
Here is an update

I am up to 124 hours over 6 months use. I have only been able to average about 17 hrs per month as I have had some type of complication each month.

I had barotrauma the first month, then a bad cold with a stomach virus the second month, travel for work, a bout with another severe cold/sinus infection, etc.

I tracked my symptoms the other night and I am having less symptoms overall each month. I was averaging close to 30 different symptoms per month and now I have about 19. At my worst flares, I was taking 7-9 doses of migraine meds/month and now I take around 2.

I am not traveling for work for the next few months so I should be able to get in the chamber on a daily basis.

I also feel like I am having more good "windows" of feeling well for a few hours with some strong but shorter flares in between. For example, I will flare strongly with many neuro symptoms and then feel better the next day while before it would just drag on and on.

I definitely feel like the chamber is helping. I still have some type of symptoms everyday but I believe I am trending in a positive direction. I am on no antibiotics at this time.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
**** I just deleted NUMEROUS "duplicate posts" .. If you accidentally make a duplicate post, please edit it out.

Click on the "pencil/pad" icon and click "delete" then "edit post."

Thanks.. I think everyone on the thread will appreciate it! ****
Posted by CD57 (Member # 11749) on :
Way to go MB! thanks so much for the posted/update. SOunds like you are now in cycles, whereas before everything was muddy, that is great!
Posted by toyswalk (Member # 45981) on :
Mbdq, how about an update. Anyone else? I'm considering purchasing a chamber and sure would appreciate some honest experienced updates. Thank you.
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :

Just a fyi...

The last post on this thread was from 2014...most of these members continue to post on the mild hyperbaric thread:
Posted by toyswalk (Member # 45981) on :
I'm trying to hit everyone from every angle, Phoiph:-)

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