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Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
In Buhner's book, he doesn't mention the dosage for the tincture, which I have purchased from Woodland Essence.

Does anyone know what the recommended dosage is (to begin with, and then "move to", if a gradual increase is desirable)??
Posted by fourwinds (Member # 14114) on :
I couldn't find it on Buhner's site either....but found this:

(there is, on Buhner's site, a warning not to use stephania root if you are on a Beta Blocker)


Suggested Use:

Dosage: 1 drop per day for 4 days, doubling the dose every 4 days until the full dose of 16 drops per day is reached. If side effects are experienced, reduce to the last tolerable dose.

Recommendation: Put drops in 1 or 2oz filtered, organic apple juice to hide the bitter taste.
Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
Thanks for the tip fourwinds, :-)) I tried the one drop, and my blew me away, in a *good* way, :-) Some very, very potent stuff :-))

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Posted by riverspirit (Member # 19435) on :
This formula mentioned above is different than just stephania tincture.

I would start out slowly.

This is one herb that my very sensitive body does handle.

You can start with two or three drops of stephania tincture in warm/hot water (let it sit for a while before drinking so some alcohol can evaporate)....then gradually increase.

I muscle test for about 12 drops at a time now, and i'm very sensitive to almost everything. The woodland essence brand is excellent.

This is indicated for neurological symptoms of all sorts.

Hope this helps ~
peace ~ ease ~

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