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Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
I just don't know what to do...

I got sick with Lyme in August 2007, my sophomore year of college. For the next 2 years, I was on 6 different antibiotics at different times. I think I caught the Lyme within 1-2 weeks of the bite, but I can't really be sure.

I was on Doxy, Tetracycline, Ceftin, Biaxin, Mepron, and one other antibiotic I can't remember.

I was so frustrated with side effects that I stopped antibiotics to go on Buhner's Core Protocol. I was healthy (no symptoms AT ALL!) for 18 months.

Then I started increasing symptoms, so I started going to a naturopath. Since then, I just haven't been myself. I think I'm too used to the herbs, but I can't get off or I get sick so fast.

My memory is shot, which is awful being that I'm an English teacher. I'm currently in pain all over my body, every joint. Ridiculous fatigue.

My LLMD, Dr. P became ill and shut down his practice so I don't even have a Lyme specialist right now. I live in Southwestern CT.

I just don't know what to do at this point. I'm depressed and don't know what to try next?

Herbal treatments?
Strict diet?
Posted by manybites (Member # 33750) on :
Antibiotics and herbs together work better than separated.

You need to be long enough in babesia treatment and bartonella treatment.Strict diet helps too but an active infection can not be ignored.

You have activated infections that are reproducing fast enough and you have symtoms.

Did you stay long enough in Biaxin Mepron or even taking double dosages to hit babs with it.

I have found after trying artemisin and malarone that the combo biaxin , mepron , plaquil and cryptolepsis hold down babs so far.

as for bartonella it takes time.But once you reduce babs you can be functional and not much fatigue. Than even for bartonella you need to be on a strong protocoll that covers bartonella where knotwed and or HH capsules should be included.

You can try rifampin and than wipe it out with levaquin.It does not seem that you have had a strong combo for one coinfection at least .You did not take long enough cyst buster as well.

Please take enzymes before them so you break down the biofilm and antibiotics work better than follow with a good probiotics before you sleep at least .

I have stoped and I lost ground and I will never do again.Sometime you might need to retreat and make sure you reduce strongly one coinfection to move than on to the other than just lyme to complete it.

I also have found out that only high dosages ( that you need to work on reaching higer dosages ) can reach the exstremeties and have more results.

I take my medications all at once to reach the higher levels in my system .
For instanc I do not take 1 tsp of mepron now and nother later but both at the same time.That is just me though.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
What turned the corner for me after 4 yrs of abx and still being very sick, was to treat for parasites using antiparasitic herbs and salt/c.

Parasites/worms can be a co-infection of Lyme and often overlooked even by LLMDs. Treating parasites might be the key for you.

Filarial Worms are being found in a lot of the ticks being dissected by researcher Dr. Eva Sapi from Connecticut.

Check out lymestrategies for more info on salt/c and more alternatives. Do a search on here for parasites. You can get well with the right tx.

Posted by manybites (Member # 33750) on :
I agree parasites need to be treated as well.I did many before I started lyme treatment and followed up to 8 liver flushes.They just block your liver or if you have had parasites before and got lyme this is a nightmare.

The parasite spread from lyme and blocks organs.Consider cleaning liver flukes as more people have them .Filiary worms block the lymphatic system as well.

Most of us have been sitting in area where squarils are and they spread a ricketsia disease.

I would have never found out but a QXCI test brought it up.Ehrlichia might be in the play as well.
You need to treat them all to make sure that all coinfections are treated.
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
what are HH capsules? what is in them?
Posted by Nicole_Denise (Member # 20620) on :
Wow! I got Lyme disease in August 2007 too! And it was the summer of my second year of University (I'm not in the US so I don't know what sophomore means, lol)

Unfortunately, I didn't get diagnosed until 2009. I am still treating (took a 6 month break after 2 years when I thought I was better)

It is too bad that you caught the bite so early and still are struggling so much. I would first try and find another LLMD, even if you have to travel (I had to fly to the US).

Maybe there is a co-infection you aren't treating that is keeping you from getting better. Maybe something else is screwed up that keeps you from getting better.

What other health concerns have you been tested for? I would check for other things than Lyme that you might have on-top of Lyme, which are keeping you ill.

I don't know anything about parasites, so I can't comment on that.

Many LLMDs do phone appointments, so you only see them in person like every 4 months or something.

Even if you just did 1 appointment, they might be able to give you an idea of what is going wrong.

I would try to stay on antibiotics. Antibiotics and herbs together are the best combo in my opinion, but I think antibiotics are more effective than herbs. Herbs can work if they are your only option, but don't quit antibiotics if you don't have to.
Posted by manybites (Member # 33750) on :
From Hepapro.If you read Dr JS bartonella book he recomend HH capsules.Now they are double strength as HH-2 and you can start slowly rampin up .I took very high dosages.But you will feel yourself on how many pills you see results.

Also he recomends that all the pills need to be included in another empty capsules so when they open they go direct to your git and open up there instead of the stomack.But he recomends to stay on it for very long.

You can try A-bart as well and see if it helped you.But I know that HH works I reached my first remision on it with combo of antibiotics .

I also feel Knotweed helps.Depends what strain you have and which is hitting your strain.

If knotweed need to be in empty stomak HH need to be taken with food.

HH will also make you loose weight while killing bartonella.

Bartonella causes the neuro issues .
Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
You should also be addressing yeast. Memory problems, fatigue and joint pain are all yeast symptoms too. And if your diet has reverted back to days of old, the possibility is even greater.

Are you still taking probiotics? Are you treating daily for yeast? When I went off antibiotics, it still tooks me YEARs to get it under control. If it were me, I'd treat that and rule out the obvious.
Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
I actually haven't been taking probiotics lately.

I guess I need to find another LLMD and start up again with some antibiotics.

Are there any good tests to indicate coinfections?

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