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Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
I did do a search but wondered if anything had changed since 2009 when i tested postive.

I was treated with oral and iv antibiotics for about a year before my dr stopped treating lyme. I am now not a total zombie which is awesome but i still live a very tiny life.

I was actually willing to accept that as damage done but my body is getting damaged more and i am beginning to get a little scared so would like to re-test and consider going back into treatment but i want to do it right.

I would also be really interested to hear if anyone else has had any experience of increasing damage to thier body. Sorry this is so long but i wanted to indicate some of the damage.

Thanks for any help.


Mar-09 IFA,B Burgdorferi 1.40 TITER Indetermnate
Mar-09 Lyme IGM Western Blot Igenex/CDC.NYS Positive
Mar-09 Lyme IGG Western Blot Negative
Mar-09 Multiplex serum Negative
Mar-09 Multiplex whole blood Negative
Mar-09 Babesiosis 1.80 TITER Positive

Aug-09 Head MRI Extensive white matter disease
Aug-09 Blood Test Monoclonal gamapathy
Aug-09 ER eye exam Uveitis
Oct-09 Neurologist Not MS Evoked Potential test normal
Jul-09 Nuclear Bone (whole Body Scan) Mild degenerative right knee
Jul-10 MRI Cervical Spine Multilevel cervical spndylosis c3-4 through c6-7
Jul-10 severe at c5-6, sever spinal stenosis
Jul-10 MRI thoracic spine Hemangiomas cysts, osteophyte complex
Jul-10 MRI Lumbar osteophyte
Jul-10 CT Abdomen and pelvis contrast Hepatic cysts, mild sacrilitis
Jan-09 C-Reactive Protien 21 High
Jan-09 Albumin 47 High
Jan-09 Albumin Creatinine 3.1 High
Jan-09 Rheumatoid Factor 16 High
Jan-09 C-Reactive Protien 21 High
Jan-09 Sedimentaion Rate ESR 26 High
Jan-09 RDW 15.7 High
Jan-09 Urinealyisis Moderate
Jul-09 Protein Random Urine .25 High

oral+iv antibiotic Jul-09 ending november 2010

Now in 2011/12

sept 28 2011 NM gallium whole body scanSacroilitis - increased activity
Degenerative disc t9-t10 increased activity
Triangular activity within the right lower hemithorax No normal liver activity seen in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen
Abnormal activity localizing to the right lower hemithorax is most likely due to an Elevated right hemidiaphragm causing liver activity abnormally cranially situated (meaning the right diaphragm has moved into chest)

Nov 28 2011 Abdominal ultrasound Liver Cyst seen in segment 4a/b seen on CT is not well seen Pancreas tail is not well seen Impression - cholelithiasis

Jan-11 Throid ultrasound Cyst and lump pending biopsy

Nov-11 Caridiac Stress Test Normal Cannot find reason for rapid heart beat, skipped beats shown on holter monitor and continuing

Mar-11 Opthamologist appt Eyes now half closed with right eye closing to almost shut

Sep-22 vitamen b12 1052 180-670
Sed rate 37 high
ferritin 42 possible iron deficient
plasma urea 7.3 03-Jul
rheumatoid factor 16 -20
spe trace amount of monoclonal protein
microalbumin 135
urine creatinine 10.3
albumin cratinine 13
ua blodd ca80
ua wbc 3.5 0-2
ua rbc 3.5 -2
ua epithelial cells -2
oct 31 2011 glucose 81 4-7.8
co2 total 31 22-29
plasma urea 7.3 3,7
mch 32.2 26-32
MCHC 364 320-360
Toxoplasmosis reactive igg cmia
5h1aa 6.7

Jul-15 24 hour ur creatinine 6.6 7-15.9
24 hour metanephrines 1.5 -55
hs crp 11.09 greater than 10 acute phase response to inflammation

jan 9 2011 Sed rate 27 0.2
co2 titak 33 22-29
anion gap 3 04 12
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
One year of treatment is not much, so you likely do need more. More testing is not usually needed.

Is your question about how long to take abx before the test?? IF so, it's 3-4 wks and then off for 10-14 days prior to the test. Take a good dosage of doxy .. like 200mg twice a day.
Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
Yes, that is exactly what i am asking (my brain gets a little muddled).

I can't get anyone to give me the antibiotics but i have some azithro would that be good enough.

To get treatment i will need to go to the U.S as i don't know of anyone treating here anymore so was thinking testing first but you have a valid point as the cost of the test would probably pay for an initial visit to the U.S.

Thanks for the reply, i get so stressed just thinking about treatment again, i find it really scary.

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