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Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
Hello all:

Does anyone know why he suggests taking a two days "off" for every five days "on" this detoxifier?


Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
there is no solid protocol for anyone with cilantro. It is the only agent that crosses the blood brain barrier and before you touch that, you need to know exactly how it works and when it is okay and when it is definitely not okay.

I have known and used cilantro for many years and I am still in awe of it. You have to know when and how.

For metal detox, it is really not safe to do unless you get some guidance by a professional who has done it many times.

Having been around Dr. K. for 14 years, I have never heard of the regimen as you post it. I wonder where the rest of the protocol is, because this one does not work the way it is written. Five days on Cilantro would wipe almost anybody out for a l o n g time. And one drop is different from 30 drops. We are dealing with toxic metals in the brain and central nervous system. Be very careful.

Take care.
Posted by jedidano (Member # 31627) on :
Yes....I am in good hands, with a very competent LLMD, :-).

I read that piece of information in a document entitled "The K... Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol".
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Jedidano, that much the better, if you have a good doctor, maybe he could test you for the correct application of metal removal agents. All (even abx) of Dr. K.'s treatment is based on energetic testing. I eventually learned it myself and learned to at least avoid taking items my body does not need or cannot handle. See article 2. Cilantro. It is 10 years (with minor changes in between) old and a lot of changes have happened in the interim.

It is difficult to choose any of the different ones without energetic testing; some people can handle a medicine, others do not.

I had an emergency mail from a friend yesterday who was told by a doctor to take 50 drops of Cilantro. She went into big turmoil and a deep depression following it.

Do not do it on your own and/or make certain that whoever advises you knows a lot about toxic metals and detox problems. Check KPU. Usually that is a problem and therefore causes people to hold on to toxic metals that others can easily dispose of.

Best for you.

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