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Posted by lymenotlite (Member # 33166) on :
My roommate is sick with pain in chest, fever, sinus pain, hard time swallowing, coughing and this started last night. I would like to go to a party this afternoon but am afraid that I might be exposing others. I have no symptoms.

Any input about this, hopefully quickly. I haven't been sick with anything but lyme since I got lyme.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
It's nice to see your concern for others. Yes, this could certainly be spread even by someone with no symptoms.

I'd call the host of the party and run it by them. But, bottom line to be safe: I would stay away from people for a few days if possible -- or if you go out go only to place where you won't be too close to someone.

A gallery, a movie - if you keep your distance, not breathe on the ticket-takers, etc.

Just my take. The kind of respiratory infection your roommate has right now could make many more very miserable. It's just good not to take a chance.

Thanks for caring about others. I hope you find a way to have some enjoyment, though.

Sometimes if you ask certain friends if they mind, they will say "oh, no problem, come ahead" but I think they deserve the chance to decide, just in case their health might be in the balance - or that of those in their families, etc. They could spread it, too.
Posted by Sweetbee20055 (Member # 36953) on :
My little brother who has a bad case but is in remission due to a strict organic diet- cannot be around anyone Ill- its so kind of you to be considerate <3

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