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Posted by JJ29 (Member # 5288) on :
I am drinking a total of 4 oz of fresh lemon juice a day in water throughout the day to prevent kidney stones and flush out toxins.

I have been on 200mg a day of Diflucan for a possible yeast issue the past week and a half, and I'm noticing my tongue is still white.
I would think that by now my tongue would be clear.

Could drinking a lot of lemon water be contributing to my yeast issue or is the Diflucan not working for me like it used to?

Thank you all for your help.
Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
More than likely your toothbrush is the culprit. Have you either sterilized it or thrown out the old one since you started taking the Diflucan?

Also, do you have a significant other that you've been kissing while having a white tongue? The two of you can also be passing it back and forth.

The lemon water makes you more alkaline, which is beneficial to getting rid of yeast. Yeast and bacteria cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

You can try the swish and swallow technique to get rid of the white tongue. Empty a couple probiotic capsules into your mouth, sip some water, swish around your mouth as long as you can stand it (it's kinda gritty), and then swallow it all. Do this several times a day.

Additionally, if you have clove oil (or thieves oil blend), add a couple drops to water, drink some without swallowing, swish for a minute, and then swallow. For me, I find this the most effective way to get rid of a white tongue.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
I have read in the book "Nutitional Healing" written by two MDs that being too alkaline can cause yeast.

If you have enough HCL in the stomach (our first line of defense against bacteria) drinking lemon water shouldn't be a problem,

If you suspect it is causing yeast, it might be a good idea to stop drinking it and see if it makes a difference.

Posted by JJ29 (Member # 5288) on :
Thanks, Lymeinhell......I will try out your suggestions.

Thanks, Gael.....interesting point about the body becoming too alkaline.....I'm going to test my urine ph level and see what level I'm at.

How can I find out if I have enough HCL in my stomach?

I guess I will stop drinking the lemon water and see if it makes a difference.

Anyone else have any other thoughts about this?
Posted by momlyme (Member # 27775) on :
I have been drinking lemon water every day for over a year. I just recently got PH testing strips and my PH (saliva) never gets above 6.2.

I thought my strips must be bad... so I tested the rest of the people in my family. They are all around 7.4 which is where you should be.

I ordered a PH strip with a wider range so I can see exactly where I stand.

My urine PH is 6.2-7.5 - but urine PH will not change with the PH of the plasma (or the rest of the body) Urine PH has more to do with what you are eating or drinking... recently. Not long term.

The PH test of the blood stays relatively stable too because it will draw sodium bicarb from organs or bones to maintain a 7.4 if at all possible.

I am testing saliva and attempting to become more alkaline. Not sure why I stay so acidic.

You can do this test for HCL in the stomach:

If you are low on stomach acid, you can supplement with meals with Betaine HCL... I get mine at vitacost.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
You have to thoroughly scrub the tongue and mouth at least once per day while you are trying to get rid of yeast.

Just taking diflucan will not do the trick.

You have to scrape/scrub off all of the white yeast. I did it twice per day--morning and evening.

Burrascano explains how to do it. My lyme doc had me mix peroxide and water (50/50) and use that to scrub. You scrub all that yeast off the tongue, and you scrub your entire mouth (cheeks, roof of mouth, under tongue, etc.).

You hold the solution in your mouth as you scrub. Spend a good amount of time doing it.

When you have finished, you rinse with water and open a probiotic capsule onto the tongue and let it dissolve there. It can take over 1/2 hour.

This way, instead of the yeast being the first thing to grow back on the tongue, the probiotic will make a good mix of flora grow back.

Yeast always starts in the mouth and, with every swallow, it goes down into the gut. So, you spend a lot of time killing it in the mouth as above.

Once you are rid of it, it is good to get a new toothbrush.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Not to be confused with TF's great suggestions. Maybe do the rinse and SWISH first as below then the candida prevention steps with probiotics, etc.


Be sure to always rinse and SWISH with clear water after you drink the lemon water - or the tooth enamel can soften and disappear. Seriously. Once gone, it's gone.

After each "serving" of lemon water it's in your mouth, it's necessary to rinse and aggressively swish and spit out water.

Do not brush right away but wait a bit (I never figured out how long, though).
Posted by JJ29 (Member # 5288) on :
Thank you all for such helpful responses!

Momlyme, thanks for sharing your experience re urine ph and the great link re testing stomach HCL.....I'm going to test my HCL level using the method described in the article.

TF thanks for explaining how to get rid of yeast in the mouth.....I have tried scrubbing my tongue etc. with the hydrogen solution but it's really tough to keep the liquid in my mouth while I'm scrubbing....but I'll keep on trying it.

Opening a probiotic capsule and leaving it to dissolve on the tongue after doing the hydrogen/water scrub sounds like a great idea, I will start doing this.

Keebler, thanks for your reminder about rinsing my mouth with water after drinking lemon water. I usually use a straw when I drink lemon water do I still need to rinse with water after each use?

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