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In the links below, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, reviews the latest research regarding nutritional strategies for bone strengthening/building and also recommends a protocol to improve bone density......please let me know what you think about his nutritional approach and/or products he recommends:

Thank you
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Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Great link. Thanks as I need to learn about this.

I would want to know more about it before adding ANY metal to my body, especially one that can oxidize. I would imagine the freshness of this supplement is essential.

At glance, seems like good overall advice. Don't have the capacity to read his article now - but just be sure to read from various experts.

For a start - just learning about Strontium:

Strontium (STRON-tee-əm) is a chemical element with the symbol Sr and the atomic number 38.

An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically. The metal turns yellow when exposed to air. . . .


A web search for: Strontium

just one of many search results - I recognized this author as a trusted name at Vitamin Research Products:

I see that strontium naturally occurs in our body. More detail here:

Strontium: Breakthrough Against Osteoporosis

- by Ward Dean, MD - May 5, 2004

From Dean's site, Vitamin Research Products

A search for: Strontium - 59 articles


Consider how any heavy metal detox would affect this. It might just take the supplement right back out.

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Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
I have reservations about Strontium as a bone density builder. Fluoride was tried as a bone density builder, only for researchers to discover that the bone built by fluoride looked more dense on DEXA but when biopsied, was actually much more brittle than healthy bone.

Personally, I prefer using Vitamin D and Vitamin K to get the calcium to absorb and be incorporated into bone via the body's own natural processes.

Drugs that suppress the natural bone turnover process, in my opinion, are also counter-productive, for it is this bone turnover process that is needed in order to promote building of bone density.

Hormones, such as Pituitary or Calcitonin, are in my opinion, the safest pharmaceutical option...but again, playing with hormones can cause its own set of troubles and I personally prefer to use nutrition, exercise, and common sense instead to deal with bone density issues...

Just my humble opinion...
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
couldnt open 2nd one

first one says less than 600 calcium supp a day

my gyn says 600 3 x a day

but i dont know whats right. im glad i can feel less guilty about going out in sunlight without sun block
Posted by JJ29 (Member # 5288) on :
Thank you Keebler for the always helpful links and info......I never really thought about the heavy metal aspect of this product.

I'm also planning to chelate lead soon so you're right, if I were taking strontium at the same time it would be taken out as well.

Thanks Razzle for your response. I too am beginning to have second thoughts about using strontium.

I would also agree about using hormones......don't know what other problems they could cause.

My llmd mentioned possibly using Myacalcin (spelling?) in addition to Xymogen's Ossopan MD and Regenemax and vit.D etc. for bone building myacalcin actually calcitonin?

I declined a script for myacalcin because I did not want to take a drug, but llmd did say that his own mother is taking it and he considered it safe.

Has anyone had any experience with myacalcin, as well as Ossopan and Regenemax by Xymogen?

Ipkayak, I'm surprised your gyn says to take 600 3x a day.......sounds like a lot......everything I have read so far about calcium supplementation is that it is best to get most of it through food sources, if possible, along with vit D from sunlight etc.

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