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Posted by cleo (Member # 6646) on :
Sure feels like it. Anyone know?
Posted by tricia386 (Member # 29623) on :
I wonder the same thing?? [Embarrassed] )
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
I'm told: Yes.

Currently on Bicillin 2x a week, and Tindamax.
Posted by Maryland Mom (Member # 2043) on :
The short answer is yes.

The amount of CNS penetration is affected by whether the meninges are inflamed. With inflammation, CNS penetration is increased.
Posted by rainbowriver (Member # 24772) on :
Surprise, I am currently on bicillin (2.4 mu once a week) and Tindamax (500mg per day).

What is your dosage? How long have you been doing this? Any improvements?
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :

I am on the same, but 2x the dose, pulsing Tindamax 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off- and shots 2x a week.

Yes, I would say I do feel clearer in the head- my biggest complaints would have to be chronic fatigue, and bad headaches.

Have to keep up with detox.

The Tindamax was the hardest thing I've done, and
seems to be hitting parasites - even tho I've worked on them before.

Based on this, and CFS, sent in a test for FL 1953, be intersesting to see how that comes back-

We don't think I have Babesia.

Been treating for 10 months now, steady, I see improvements looking over the months - worked on some Bart, work left to do, for sure.

But I do really like this combination (even tho it's hard!) of Bicillin and Tindamax for Lyme, plan to keep on it-
Posted by rainbowriver (Member # 24772) on :
I have bart flaring up badly. So I stopped tindamax to treat bart. Continuing with Bicillin.

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