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Posted by Andromeda13 (Member # 8314) on :
From June 1st 2012, UK Lyme tests are to be done at Porton Down, the highly secured chemical and biological defence research establishment, which is the UK's equivalent of Fort Detrick:

"British Government Admits Lyme Disease is a Bioweapon...Elena Cook | 13.05.2012 21:14

Sufferers from Lyme Disease have been denied treatment for decades, even though it is a serious disabling disease. For years some activists in the patients' movement have highlighted evidence that the denial was due to a biowarfare cover-up. Now, finally, the British government has revealed that all Lyme blood testing is to be conducted from Porton Down, our top biological warfare facility.

Lyme Disease s a tick-borne illness which can be acquired in woodlands, marshy areas and even the local park. It is often a very serious condition with crushing fatigue, disabling brain symptoms and excruciating pain.

But Lyme Disease patients have been denied treatment for decades, often told that their illness is something else (usually incurable), that is psychosomatic, hypochondria or that they are imagining their symptoms. Sometimes it is labelled M.E./Chronic fatigue syndrome - and still bracketed with psychological illness. Patients are told they cannot walk because they have the wrong thought patterns - it's "all in their head".

For years some in the patients' movement have highlighted evidence that the reason for the denial was due to a biowarfare cover-up - Lyme is a sensitive military issue. Now, finally, the British government has revealed that all Lyme blood testing is to be conducted from Porton Down, our top biological warfare facility.The article below represents the first official admission by a government that Lyme Disease is a biowarfare issue, the most relevant passage being this:

"Through RIPL, RIPD provides reference diagnostic services for dangerous pathogens including viral haemorrhagic fevers, the arbovirus group, hantaviruses, rickettsia and coxiella, anthrax, tularemia and other biothreat agents. The Lyme disease specialist unit is scheduled to be a part of RIPD from 1 April 2012. "

Here is the full article.
Elena Cook
13 May 2012

Amazing news indeed!

Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Thanks for posting this. It's pretty much common knowledge due to the bizarre way that Lyme has been handled for the past 40 years but alot of people don't want to connect the dots - so to speak.

Seems like alot of things are being weaponized these days... like food, air & water.
Posted by jarjar (Member # 8847) on :
I would be great to see a major show like 60 minutes take this info and run with it. I remember ABC Nightly News did a segment on how Babesia could kill sick people in a blood transfusion last year. Hmmm...
Posted by Andromeda13 (Member # 8314) on :
Elena has written some more good stuff here:

"This year, 2012, will go down in the history of Lyme Disease as the Year of Hope. Why? Let me explain.

Most of us in the patient community are aware that Lyme Disease has been the subject of a disinformation campaign for many decades. Ever since the day in 1975 when an officer of the Epidemic Intelligence Service [1] called Allen C. Steere, MD walked into an outbreak of an unknown disease in the small town of Lyme, Connecticut, ignored the detailed evidence of Polly Murray and other local victims and subsequently proclaimed Lyme Disease a self-limiting viral illness, the world has had nothing but dishonesty and deceit from those entrusted with protecting public health...."


"It is impossible to fight a battle if you do not understand just who, or what, your enemy is. Yes, the insurance and biotechnology industries and others with a massive financial stake in the issue have sought to pervert Lyme medicine. Certainly, there are Lyme scientists with inflated egos. There are in every field. But that is not the whole story...nor even half of it.

For many years now, I and others in the Lyme community have been trying to get a message out. The message is this: there is another, more fundamental reason why Lyme Disease patients are denied diagnosis and treatment, and basically left to rot.

There is another reason for the misinforming of the medical profession by government 'experts', who have been told not to diagnose Lyme in anyone outside of the few areas in which its presence is acknowledged, even in a patient with ragingly-positive serology.

What is this reason?

"It is simply this: Lyme Disease is a militarily-sensitive, biowarfare issue.

And now, finally, after decades of hiding this truth, it is official, admitted this spring by the government of the United Kingdom, in the shape of announcements from the Health Protection Agency (HPA), our leading public health agency. [4]"

I like the tons of factual evidence referenced on her web site

Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
Thanks for posting my article.

I think it's essential that people in the Lyme community - in every country, not just Britain - recognise and understand what has just happened.

For the first time since the 1970's, the Establishment is admitting that Lyme is a dangerous, biowarfare -related disease, which has to be studied in a lab suited to anthrax, Ebola etc..

As startling as this sudden admission is (all the more as the US government has not admitted it), this could be our golden opportunity.

We havent had a moment like this since Lyme was first identified in Connecticut. We need to seize this moment.

We need to demand complete transparency now and help for all patients who have been neglected due to the cover-up.

It's possible that the British government reversed its decades-long policy because of rising tensions in the Middle East. Moving the country's Lyme testing to Porton biowar labs is a way of telling would-be attackers that "Britain is prepared".

But in fact that claim falls hollow when potential WMD attackers realise that Britain is full of Lyme victims who are not being treated. Scientists in the so-called "rogue" nations who study Lyme as a biowarfare agent, undoubtedly do understand this.

So if the British government ***really*** wants to show potential attackers that we are prepared, how about curing some of the victims?

And preventing new cases?

Posted by jarjar (Member # 8847) on :
I went to the 60 minute website and clicked contact info.. I then clicked on 60 minutes and then clicked on suggestion tab. I then stated a couple of sentences on my desire for them to investigate Lyme disease/bio weapon. Then I copied and pasted elena's link.

60 minutes just went after the military on a new aircraft that pilots were refusing to fly due to problems. I suggest others get out and push this story as it only takes a couple of minutes.
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
Thanks for your support.

Elena Cook
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Don't laugh but Jesse Ventura's shows are pretty good. Maybe try writing him? He did a good show on Plum Island. It's on YouTube... He did some other good shows, too. I'm not sure if he's done any others on bio-warefare or Porton Down.

I think another microbiologist was found dead under suspicious circumstances who worked at Porton Down recently. There've been a number of cases about microbiologists who died mysteriously. Ventura may have done something about that.

It's not just Lyme... It may have implications on a number of public health issues. I heard they were doing some bacteria testing on the public soon. I believe it's happening in England. Of course they say it's nothing to worry about...
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
I heard they were doing some bacteria testing on the public soon. I believe it's happening in England. Of course they say it's nothing to worry about... [/QB]
Hi, sparkle, which testing were you referring to?

The Uk govt did massive testing on both British and foreign soil in the past.

The Ventura programme is very interesting, and features your Ct Lyme activist Randy Sykes as well as Karl Grossman (veteran whistle-blower re Plum Island's role as bw lab, mentioned in Lab 257)

It also features Roger Breeze, former head of Plum Island, caught on camera, off his guard, admitting that the diseases studied were not just animal diseases, but zoonotic (ie pass to humans).

Zoonotic diseases are favourite bioweapons and among them are the most dangerous diseases on earth.

Elena Cook
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I heard it on a downloaded show so I missed some of it... Here's the article - It's going to be done in Boston, Massachusettes. I thought they said it was England. I guess they said "New" England...

The MBTA and Homeland Security plan to release dead bacteria into three Red Line stations this summer to test bio-terror sensors.


I heard they have done this sort of thing in the NYC subways in the past, too.

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Posted by WakeUp (Member # 9977) on :
Good thread--- thanks for keeping the biowarfare topic alive.

The information is slowly leaking out.

A key problem is that the mainstream media--- and even some alternative media such as LymenetEurope-- are OWNED or FINANCED by the very same group of families who control the Federal Reserve banks, big pharma, the biowarfare industrial complex and NATO.

This is why you see very little real journalism regarding Lyme disease-- because the media is OWNED by the people who desire population reduction and/or profitable long term illnesses in the population.

Any time you see a Lyme researcher attacked --- you will know that this researcher is probably explaining something that the powers that be want HIDDEN or obscured from the public.

For example, they don't like any open discussion of microfilaria or borrelia biofilm by scientists..and they seek to discredit or frighten any researcher who delves into these topics too far.

There is mounting evidence that the rapid spread of borrelia burgdorferi could be part of a binary biowarfare strategy directed against we the people...

How sad for all of us if we don't spread the truth-- but focus only on our failed treatments or aches and pains----because somewhere in the dark bowels of Porton Down and Fort Detrick is a cure for Lyme.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I don't think this illness can be treated unless one realizes what we are dealing with. It's not a "normal" illness. If it were an "accepted" illness - all the particulars surrounding it would not be so peculiar.

In my opinion - it's a waste of time going to see a doctor who doesn't realize that we are dealing with a biowarfare agent. That's why this thread should be in "medical" & not "general" info. Thank you to the moderators.
Posted by WakeUp (Member # 9977) on :
Yep-- its up to us to educate our general practitioners about the similarities between Lyme disease and many biological weapons. A picture or video of biofilm or of spirochetes encysting themselve is worth a thousand words.

L-forms, blebs, cysts, granules and biofilms are all resistant to a 2 week course of antibiotics, and allow the spirochetes to reemerge after treatment is over--- similar to another biological weapon called anthrax.

Lyme biofilm is created out of the body's own fibrin, and often contains the dna of worms, as well as heavy metals.

I think that many doctors know that something is not "natural" regarding most of these so called "emerging diseases" (Lyme, AIDS, Mycoplasma, Gulf War Syndrome, Morgellons, Chronic Fatigue, ad nauseum)... but they don't want to make waves.. The medical establishment is under intense mind control and the media is owned by the perpetrators.

We need to ask: Who owns the Associated Press and why exactly should we listen to AP?

"Difficult to diagnose" emerging diseases have been a major part of the elite's written plan to obtain world government---- for at least a century now.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I agree. I don't think it should be a left or right political issue. It's an issue for everyone. It seems there are forces that want to polarize the concept into political factions. It's unfortunate. If they keep all the factions fighting among themselves - nothing is going to get accomplished.

I guess most "average" people don't want to think anything is happening. Then, you may get bit by a tick...

Some people are OK, though. They catch it early, take the antibiotics & they get well. I think the body may actually harbor these bacteria for a long time. They can remain relatively dormant. Eventually, people become ill again. It's sort of like death by 1000 cuts; between the toxins, bad food, water, air, GMO, pollutatnts, stress, EMFs - we are going to succumb.

It just that the media lulls everyone to think everything is OK & all is well while an agenda is happening. There's alot of disinformation & agatation of unimportant stuff going on to keep people occupied & not focusing on the facts.

I'm not really sure what can be done about it. It's so far along & most people don't even believe it's real.
Posted by Andromeda13 (Member # 8314) on :
I looked at LymeNetEurope, and don't like it at all.

Someone posted about the UK patients blood going to Porton Down, as far back as April, and there wasn't a single reply to the post.

No one there wants to discuss this, that seems obvious. Maybe they want it to disappear down the topics list so no one else notices.

I think it's a great pity they use the name LymeNet in their name.

Also, note that this topic hasn't yet been mentioned on another significant site called relative risk blogspot -which seems strange as the person/people there usually pick up any news in the Lyme world and give their particular spin on it. People have told me they have posted comments there but they were never allowed through their censorship.

I agree with you WakeUp, that they attack anyone who says something which reveals important facts - but maybe this time they really don't know what to say or who to attack! Rather they are studiously ignoring it.

Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :
As far as a scare tactic for asian countries, I would not be suprised if they did not turn it loose on Britian, and the US.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Well, if you study the history of it - it's pretty interesting. The Japanese were working with spiroketes as a method of biological warfare back in the early 1900s. The Germans may have colluded with them during WW2.

After WW2, there was something called Operation Paperclip. Many German scientists were brought over here to work for gov't labs. One was Plum Island. Lyme, CT is very close to where Plum Island is.

I guess if one is so inclined... one could connect the dots. Variations on the Lyme spirokete are found throughout the world now. How they were spread is a mystery.

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