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Posted by tickbitt (Member # 33753) on :
After just several doses of ivermectin my eyesight has some weird effects. The light is kind of pulsing, almost like a strobe light, especially first thing in the morning.

I also have great sensitivity to bright light.

Has anyone else had this experience?
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
Yes! I've heard this can be common, not to worry. I get this and so does my husband (to a lesser degree).
Posted by annxyzz (Member # 20404) on :
I read it can be a sign of TOO much in the system. If I were you , just to be safe , I wouls pulse it .
Posted by tickbitt (Member # 33753) on :
I stopped after my vision got so weird. I think I'll try a lower dose, and maybe take it every other day until the weirdness goes away.

Thanks for the input! Any other experiences welcome.
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
what is the dose you are taking now? what is the lower dose?
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
It is ok to start out at 1/4 pill, if you are taking the pills. It can have quite a punch.

Ivermectin is a pretty safe drug. It doesn't cause yeast infections.

For my daughter it brought up old symptoms that had been suppressed. They came almost in the order they started when she first got sick.
Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :
It has been 5 or 6 days and i feel much better no bugs crawling on me feeling the 3 million twitches have slowed down first time in 5 years.
No vision problems here though.
Posted by jellybean (Member # 16575) on :
I have psychedelic light shows at night when I close my eyes and my vision flashes dark/light especially in the mornings. Today when i was writing something down i realized i had double vision. I'd mentioned most of this to the assistant at my LLMD's office 2 days ago (the doc is out of town) and assistant say to consult w/an eye doctor. the problem is that I can't get in to see an eye doc for a couple weeks. At this point I'm close to stopping because I'm worried.

I have a call into the nurse at my eye doc's office this morning and if they call back, I'll post their response here.

I slowly worked up to 4 capsules /day. Only have this weird response when i get to 4. maybe a little weirdness at 3 but nothing like this.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Sometimes in the morning I have a visual hallucination like smoke rising in front of me. It goes away after awhile.
Posted by Lymedin2010 (Member # 34322) on :
I had to do a double take on this thread. I had the same experience and wanted to post this exact same thing, but never did.

At first I didn't understand where it came from, but after three stop and tries with Ivermectin, I now know its clearly from this med.

When I wake up my vision would be blurry and would pulsate from clear to blurry in rapid succession. I struggle to focus and after a few minutes it settles in and vision becomes clearer. It may get blurry again, but at least the pulsating stops. If I pulse it for 3 days on , each day the blurry strobe twitching gets worst and becomes pretty disturbing.

I was also taking 300 MG Doxy, Biaxin and Flagyl.

One other thing that I've noticed, aside from Ivermectin, is if I sleep late and get really tired my eyes start to pulsate and flicker. At times when this happens I close my eyes and I see a mirage of images/shapes coming at me at 100 miles per hour.

This never happens on a regular basis, only when sleep deprived and exhausted. I also get more tremors during this period.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I didn't notice this. I didn't take it that long, though.

I wonder if it's because of some parasite in the eye or if it's a side effect of the drug...?
Posted by Jamers (Member # 28016) on :
I don't take ivermectin but I get this from Babesia treatment and anti parasitics. I also have really bad floaters so maybe it's some bug in the eyes.
Posted by Lymedin2010 (Member # 34322) on :
Jamers, which meds causes you to have this?
Posted by Jamers (Member # 28016) on :
Mepron, daraprim, and Kroeger wormwood combo herbs.
Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
Jamers, do you think the mepron/daraprim is a really treatment? Are you feeling better?


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