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Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :

very good info...
Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :

Ivermectin is highly effective against animal intestinal nematodes and is used in the treatment of onchocerciasis in humans. A study was undertaken to compare the efficacy of the drug with that of albendazole in the treatment of uncomplicated strongyloidiasis. Sixty patients with confirmed Strongyloides stercoralis infection were enrolled in an open randomized study and given either albendazole, 400 mg/d for 3 d or ivermectin, 150200 μg/kg in a single dose. Efficacy and tolerance were evaluated on days 7, 30 and 90. Each visit included a parasitological examination of 3 stool specimens, using saline and Kato smears and formalin-ether and Baermann concentrations. Fifty-three patients were eligible for evaluation. Parasitological cure was obtained in 24 of the 29 patients treated with ivermectin (83%) and in 9 of the 24 patients who were given albendazole (38%); ivermectin was significantly more effective than albendazole (P < 001). Clinical and biological adverse reactions were negligible in both treatment groups. The 20 patients who failed therapy were given a second treatment course with 150200 μg/kg of ivermectin in a single dose or on 2 consecutive days. Sixteen patients were cured and the other 4 had only incomplete follow-up. Ivermectin therefore constitutes an acceptable therapeutic alternative for uncomplicated strongyloidiasis.
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
What is the largest singe dose anyone here has taken or knows of a person taking?

And was it for 2 or 3 days or more in a row.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Makes me wonder why people must take it every day for protomyxzoa infection - for months. I guess I shouldn't be so concerned since we are taking so many other medications for years which were supposed to cure most infections in days.

Springshowers I made a mistake on my first dose because it was horse wormer and the syringe was registered below zero so I got probably 2-3 times what I should have taken. It did not bother me.
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
I've been on a single dose 3 times-
After 7 days of Albendazole.

I don't think we are suppose to do doses here - but, it was 3 tiny pills and I weigh about 102.
Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :
i feel it is best to stay under the suggested dosage when it comes to vetinarin medicine just a tad.
But the vet i work part time for said half the antibiotics and the dosages i was on over the years would have been far more hazardous to my body.

Sometimes taking the longer route and even pulsing i feel is far better for most at treating lyme or tick soup.

Many want to overdo it because they want to be normal again.

I added the zinc to see what the effects would be but my legs are not twitching a bit and the majority of the time there looking like they are running.

I did the veterinary bicillin as i could not afford the syringes done up at $50. a shot and i also learned to make my own silver from a poster on here years ago and youtube shows how to make the silver generator. It helped with the fatigue but this seems to be doing well i'm hoping it keeps up.
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
My single dose times (1 day only, after 7 days of Albendazole)

was the human prescription. Given as a general parasite treatment from old LLMD.

I don't know- if the Fry FL 1955 comes back positive on me, I can tell you there is no way I can do low fat/fat free-

I am gluten free (helps me) but very thin.

I am also confused about the test itself- shows biofilms, too?

Yes, there is a biofilm and parasite mess, so I think the positive test will get me scripts to help deal with it-

The Tindamax I started 2 months ago packs a wallop, but gets somewhat easier each round (2 weeks on/2 weeks off)
Still a challenge, could only do 12 1/2 'on' last time.
Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :
I suggest what was posted and no more, the vet said 3 on 3 off or i could go 7 on 4 off.

You would want to get some lab work done once in awhile.

but as the vet i work for told me about a year ago it would be safer than high dosages of sulfur antibiotics and its FDA approved, just take your time lyme cycles, take enough to make you feel a little better not sicker. Sometimes tick soup trys to retaliate with strong treatment.

Also many people have parasites and most do not even know they have them.

We have seen some treatment failures meaning relapsing in high money hunting dogs on just antibiotics, add the ivermectin and a far better outcome.
Dogs on a monthly dose seem to get lyme far less, and even ticks are found dead feeding off dogs using ivermectin.

The dosage on the curezone page was close to what she gave me about a year ago, on the paste and tablets, the pour on i just got from her this morning and its posted at a slightly lower dose on curezone than her recommendation, but i recommend starting low always on a new treatment.

The silver was killing the parasites as she checked them under a good microscope she purchased from a university but they would come back..

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