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Posted by deepdig (Member # 9226) on :
Hi Everyone ..recovered somewhat from an 07 blitz that wiped me out for 3 years...then in 10' i got bit twice....spun again..but made tell signs that im toast again are not being to hang in for a full coversation with out freakin out because short term memory is failing...get freaked out by any loud..noise....executive funtion is shot... ...bump into doorways and start driving or walking and have to reallllly ponder where im headed......did bucket loadeds of doxy since 54 other drugs since 07.which brought me back from severe nuero stuff..anyways i had stoped all drugs for 6 months and had a decent exisitance but recently did amoxy 500 x2 for three days ...i almost went in to a coma concusion.the pain was so deep and intense i almost dialed 911...cold sweats followed 4hrs after afraid now to do anymore....i felt so clear after those sweats...even after 6months off everything the thrush has been impossible to kill...nystatin ...difflucan ....cant beat it
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
I think I would call my doctor if my pain was that intense.

I'll bump this up for others to see. [group hug]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Sounds really rough!!

Are you on high quality probiotics??

Have you treated babesia and bartonella?
Posted by Lymedin2010 (Member # 34322) on :
I had that deathly feeling with only 1 500MG Amoxi pill the very first time I took it. Light sweat, waves of tingling and numbness, elevated head and neck pressures, and shortness of breath to some degree.

Next day I took another one and nothing. I ended up doing 2G every 8hrs with Probenecid quickly, which inhibits Amoxi excretion and keeps blood levels doubled and elevated for longer periods.

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