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Posted by jlf2012 (Member # 36002) on :
After a week on three new meds, I'm so itchy today. Is this a symptom of herxing? I'm feeling really blah also...I know this is a symptom:)
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Is your herx support protocol all tip-top?

Assuming it's not an "allergy" itch? Though do check the mfg website for details regarding that possibility.

Is your liver support on board? Itching is often a sign that the liver and kidneys are overwhelmed and the skin has to take up the slack.

Good amounts of Fish Oil should help. Other good fats: coconut oil; nuts; avocado; etc.

Magnesium, too. If the itching is from overactive nerve impulses, magnesium is the best helper there to calm down the overactive NMDA excitatory nerve reaction to lyme's toxicity and the Rx stress.

Enough water?

Too much epsom salts in bathwater can make skin itch - or too hot water. Shorter, just warm baths with less salts, perhaps?

Short, moderately warm showers are best though to keep the skin from drying out too much. If skin is "detoxing" you may need two very short showers a day.

Self massage or skin brushing (with a special very soft brush) may help.

Gentle movement to help circulation.

The herbs, Stinging Nettle - and Gotu Kola - can both help.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Could be yeast.
Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :
Dx'd Candidiasis (3-12) along w/sinus infection (4-12), then lead poison (4-12), now Lyme(6-6). Itching since I did Clorox baths for Lead- only 2 or 3, my Dr. told me to stop them, gave DMSA.

Skin all over has been itchy and dry ever since. Can anyone relate?
Posted by jlf2012 (Member # 36002) on :
Catgirl, I'm thinking yeast also. Taking good probiotics, limiting sugars, but I've had yeast problems even before taking abx...I'll have to mention this to my doctor. Might have to go back on diflucan?
I've also noticed I'm losing hair:(
Sleep is awful, mood all over the place, feel like throwing up.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
I had yeast problems before I got diagnosed too (didn't make the connection). Looking back, I craved sugar after I got bit. I couldn't live with out it.

I started losing hair after 4 or 5 mos on abx too. Then I started taking B complex and it stopped the loss. I was on diflucan and nystatin the whole time (not enough of it though), but still had major yeast problems so I got serious about doing Burrascano's anti yeast protocol (helped).

But even with doing the protocol, I sill had some yeast. I also had lots of metals in me, and a mouth full of amalgams. There is metal/parasite/yeast connection.

My doc has me chelating right now (even with amalgams). I feel better (in general). He also admitted that I am the most yeast sensitive person he's ever met.

My sleep was horrible too. Take some adrenal support and it will get better.

If you're like me, you will have to stop sugar altogether though to starve the yeast beast. Diflucan and nystatin work. I needed higher doses than most though.

It's livable now for me (still doing Burrascano's diet too).
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
CarenNV, maybe it's the toxins/metals the DMSA stirred up in your body making you itch? Does your doc have you on other stuff to help bind and remove the toxins? You may need strong doses of nystatin, diflucan, probiotics and yeast fighting herbs.

Lyme too has a good list (just click on the face=? tab on one of her posts and then select "view recent posts". She's the queen of candida with great advice and all (although I don't suspect she'd like that title (ha ha)).
Posted by jlf2012 (Member # 36002) on :
So, all these potato chips I've been craving/eating aren't a good idea with yeast, right? But, nuts and hummus, veggies and meats are all good? Rice cakes and almond butter? NO sugars.
Posted by jlf2012 (Member # 36002) on :
Also, I think I crave salt. How can I get that into my diet other than just sea salt on veggies and meats? I think I love the chips because my body craves salt and fats...I've lost lots of weight so that might be why.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
LOL, Catgirl!!

Potatoes are a starch .. to be avoided. Rice cakes.. same thing. No white foods!

Yeast can indeed make you lose sleep and your hair! Mood swings.. YEP!!

This diet is very limited... let it be your "goal" or guideline. Pretty hard to follow "to the letter."

Also keep in mind that the guy who composed this was selling Ezekial bread and low carb tortillas in his store... Limit ANY kind of bread or tortillas!

Candida Diet and Elimination:
Posted by jlf2012 (Member # 36002) on :
Thanks Lymetutu for the link. Even organic brown rice cakes are bad for this diet?

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