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Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
I do not ever recall being bit by a tick. I dislike animals very much. Where I live in the Caribbean, Lyme is almost non existant. I was in New York (Nassau County) about four years ago for 7 days. I stayed at a neighborhood hotel. Only started feeling sick in February, 2012, mostly weak arms and legs, numbness, a feeling like the blood isn't moving properly, neck aches and creaks, intermittant pain in wrists, ankles and fingers, tinnitus, jaw pops,visual floaters and things moving in my peripheral vision, anxiety, internal shakes and disbalance.

My Igenex results are in:

IFA is 40 (equivocal)

IGM is Igenex Positive and CDC negative.
Band 23-25 Ind
Band 39 Ind
Band 41 ++
Band 83-93 +

IGG is Igenex and CDC negative.
Band 31 Ind
Band 41 +
Band 45 +

Multiplex PCR test is negative for Genomic and Plasmid.

CD 57 NK Test is 127 for Absolute Ct and 7.46 for % Lympho.

Babesia IFA and FISH are both negative.

Bartonella IFA IGM is negative and IGG is 40 which means "may or may not indicate active infection".

Bartonella FISH is negative.

HME E. Chaffeensis IGM is negative and IGG is 80 which means "may or may not indicate active infection".

HME A. phagocytophilum is negative.

Spinal fluid negative for Lyme and Syphillis.

RPR test for syphillis is negative but three separate FTA ABS tests for syphillis came back reactive.

My doctor is not an LLMD, we have none where I live. The closest one to me would be Florida.

My doctor wants to start me off on 14 days of IV Penicillin every 4 hours for a total of 24,000,000 units a day.

This is the standard treatment for syphillis and my doctor says it will also attack the lyme spirochete as well for starters. Has anyone here
been treated with IV penicillin for lyme and was it done at home or in hospital?

Do you think at such a high dose the herx will be terrible, especially since I have had no other treatment?

I am allergic to the cephalasporins like Rocephin.

Anyone else also tested positive for syphillis but it was really lyme that caused a false positive. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you and best wishes to all.
Posted by bigb76 (Member # 37546) on :
Syphlis for 2 years would be realy bad, i know a women with lyme who did also test positive for syphlis which her husband did not. And she was not cheating. In2 years you would probably have some serious rashes from syphlis,. 7days in NY. is plenty long enough to catch lyme did walk barefooted any? Also you would have had a high syphlis test, as it is pretty good, whee lyme tests are not so good.
They are a similar bug, thats why its showing as syphlis.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
Lyme bacteria and syphillis bacteria are both spirochetes, so there might be some cross reaction on testing. Do you have any risk factors for syphilis?

People who are allergic to cephalosporins are sometimes allergic to penicillins too. Seems like your doctor ought to know this. What makes you think you are allergic?
Posted by mahalo (Member # 37775) on :
1st visit to a lyme dr years ago i did not know what blood tests he had done. then i got a call from the health dept. telling me that i had syphillis..they left messages for my dr. they said he did not return. they freaked me out telling me i could have aids also because they go hand in hand and by the time i got hold of the dr. it was too late..i would not believe it was false i tested to check and the tests said false pos..that wasnt good enough...i made the health dept.order me a special test from albany called the TPPA test which is like the best most accurate testing for false pos results they said. it came back neg and finally i was able to relax again. don't know if this test is available there perhaps you can have your dr. order one.

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