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Posted by lymenow (Member # 36175) on :
I've been taking rifampin for 2 months now. For the past 3 weeks, my pee is not red anymore. This is a big change from when it was completely red every time to not at all.

Does anyone know what this means?
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
Ask your pharmacist. They know more about medication side-effects and interactions than most MD's.

Also, if the brand of medication was changed, maybe from one generic to another, or from brand to generic, it may affect how you experience side-effects of the medication and can even impact the effectiveness of some meds.

So do discuss this with your pharmacist. Might also want to ask your LLMD, but I personally think starting with the pharmacist is my personal opinion.
Posted by fflutterby (Member # 28081) on :
I dont think it means anything. The same thing happened to me.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Mine never got red. Just slightly orange, but I only took it a few days so far.
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
If you drink a lot of liquids it won't stay red. The only time mine changes color is if I don't drink enough water or go a couple of hours without peeing. Seeing how I pee frequently and drink a lot, it rarely shows color at all.
Posted by Larae30 (Member # 35220) on :
I've been on Rifampin for a month now and I have never had red pee? hmmm
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
Mine did same thing after a few months. Went from dark red to light red. It's possibly liver related our absorption related.

Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Hmm, that's interesting. Do you think people with liver issues are less likely to have it show up red from Rifampin? I ask because I am ALWAYS testing high on bilirubin (even while off all meds).
Posted by Larae30 (Member # 35220) on :
I haven't had any red pee and all my liver tests have been normal so far, just got recent results today from last week.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
That's good news Larae30! I hope my liver doesn't get really bad on Rifampin. It is a little risky for me as my enzymes get high unpredictably.

Usually when I'm feeling better, my liver enzymes are up. When I feel terrible they are in the normal range.
Posted by Larae30 (Member # 35220) on :
Yeah, I hope mine continue to be normal. I'm always nervous getting them checked because I am on a LOT of meds.

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