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Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :
Before starting Lyme tx 6-6-12, my skin was relatively wrinkle-free, smooth in most areas. I'm 55yo. Since tx I'm noticing dry scaly patches on my hands and other places. Dimpling (raised hair follicles) on my legs.

Today is my 2nd day of Babesia tx w/Malarone, among other sxs I had outbreaks of papules on the back of my neck, behind ears, and back.

The skin on my face shows pores I never knew existed, and there's been a constant kind of grunge on my face that will not slough off. I've had that on my face for about 3 yrs.

Can anyone identify? I searched skin and didn't find much similarity.
Posted by smiles132002 (Member # 7949) on :
I do not share the same symptoms..but I can connect on bad skin..patchy spots (very new to me), dry and oily, large pores, acne...

I've been on tetracyclines since I was 11. I have been on accutane twice. What I know is for me, I detox through my skin and I am a very poor detoxer as I don't have the genes to methalate. If I take too many drugs my skin FREAKS out. Yeast and dairy make me break out and stress also.

The one thing I did figure out is that I have hypo thyroid and still trying to get the dosage right 3 years later..but that causes a lot of this too.
Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :

Hmmmm, never did the Accutane, my son did, daughter would have had they not insisted on making her take birth control pills!

I can help you w/thyroid though, on that score I'm doing pretty well. It's a weird looking site, wish they'd change the graphic, looks like you're walking into a B movie, a horror flick! I did learn a lot from the page and their forum. The only think I disagree w/is that everyone needs the same amount of NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid- pig) to have their thyroid more stable.

Before this current Candida I had the skin of a 30 yo, really, I used to get compliments on it! I was on enough thyroid that even though we live in a desert, I didn't need to moisturize anything but my hands daily. My skin was good! Now it looks to me like I've aged 25 yrs. in the past few mos.- weird!
Posted by Jamers (Member # 28016) on :
I have skin issues too. It looks like Ive aged alot. My skin is as you describe. I have lots of cellulite now, stretch marks, acne, skin discoloration ect..

I really think its the infections but could also be candida/parasites.
Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :
All day I've noticed mottling on my skin. Tonight after dark (thanks Mino- you've turned me into Batgirl!). It was a short walk. My skin on my entire body looks like I have a sunburn and the mottling. Very odd. Ever experience this?
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
My personal experience has been that skin problems are parasitic in nature. I used to get the oily skin on my face and scalp, from the parasites excreting their goo. Went away with antiparasitic herbs and salt/c.

Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :
Thanks Gael, I'm just seeing this now. What antiparasitics did you use and how long did it take? I'm on Lyme abx and Malarone which I pushed my LLMD for even though I didn't have a dx on Babesia. Doh! I wish I hadn't, it's all kicking my tail.

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