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Posted by shannon12 (Member # 36149) on :
still confused- I now know about herxing and flare ups, but my question is when you are not herxing or in a flare up, do people still have sypmtoms? or are you syptom free

I have been on aggressive treatment for about 8 months, and I get that it can take years to treat, but I do not have flare ups, I am in pain every day, the only thing that has went away completely are my pvc's and some complete numbness of arms. My back and neck are so stiff I can not bend over even the littlest bit. The heaviness and weakness.

I am in pain from head to toe, 24/7, I just don't understand anymore. I am nauseated from the burning headaches and sever pain and stiffness. Is anyone experiencing anything similar to this?

I know people will tell me to see my doctor, I just saw my doctor this past week, he said I will get better, I feel like I can't do it anymore. But even I feel like he doesn't understand or believe me that I'm suffering so much.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
lyme is having symptoms all the time. a herx is when they are much worse or different.

for me, there is no period of relief, it's every day.

a herx only makes you feel worse, not completely better or well. you may herx for awhile and then it calms down, but you won't go to feeling perfect.

sorry, not that way with lyme.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
I have symptoms all the time also. When I herx or flare, its an increase in the severity of the symptoms.

I don't always have all my symptoms tho. I tend to rollercoaster. At a given time in a day my arms might have more nerve type numbness awkwardness, my right leg will have frequent twitchs, left wont have symptoms and I might have a level 4 headache with level 3 brain fog.

An hour later tho... my headache might be at a 7, with extreme light sensitivity, and brain fog at a 6, with any movement increasing my headaches. Barely able to lift my head off of the chair from weakness. Both my arms will be very heavy and will have the nerve issues with tingles. And air hunger. I wont want to move from my recliner. So, I really wont recognize most of my leg symptoms at that point.

I went through weeks of barely functioning and taking care of my kids, to being able to take them to the beach.

(Everything is done different now that I have lyme, everything is planned different. If Im well enough to go out, then its known that I have to nap before and after. As a single mom, Our lives revolve around it.)

It's the most frustrating thing with this disease... you never know what to expect. You just hope and pray.


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