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Posted by Caren NV (Member # 37791) on :
I've noticed this phenomenon since around January of this yr. At times I have a stench in my nose and skin that no one else smells. Sometimes it's so powerful and nasty I feel like I'll go crazy if I can't escape it.

Showering/bathing doesn't always relieve it. It seems to recede when I take steps to detox, but it's ever there waiting for it's next opportunity to pounce. I'd love to know if anyone else deals w/this. I haven't been able to find anything on searches.
Posted by Jamers (Member # 28016) on :
I'm experiencing something like this now. I'm treating Babesia and I smell funny. It's not Stinky B.O. Which I do get but sort of like an old person smell... I can't describe it. I had this with flagyl too.
Posted by cozynana (Member # 34270) on :
I had a period when I felt like my sweat smelled off. It just didn't smell right. I can't say it stunk worse than sweat, just different. But, my feet were a different matter. They stunk. I used to refuse to try on shoes with a shoe salesman present. I would wash my feet just before I would go shoe shopping and they still smelled. I always changed socks every day. Somehow, I have been able to get rid of that smell too. I eat a very clean diet now. I think that has made the difference.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Try using 50% rubbing alcohol - it can clear smell and it evaporates quickly.

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