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Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
I may be adding Plaquenil and I can't find a ton of info on what it's used for. Is this considered a weak drug? I don't see the point of adding it for my situation but maybe I'm missing something.

Also can it be combined with biaxin? Online it says to avoid this combo especially for liver reasons with the toxicity of rifampin being increased.

Cyst buster: The online LLMD blogger states it may actually create more cysts. I have not seen a ton of evidence that it is as effective as tindamax or flagyl.


Very mild babesia treatment

Raising the effectiveness of zith or biaxin (which I'm not on).

Are any of these incorrect? Are there any others to add? What are your experiences with Plaquenil?

Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
It can be a very helpful medication.

One of the big reasons for us to take it is that it changes the ph and allows certain intracellular antibiotics to work better. For many people, intracellular organisms like bartonella, cpn, and mycoplasma can be some of the hardest infections to get control and try to get rid of.

It also works as and anti-inflammatory and immune modulating agent. This helps bring your immune system back into balance so it can focus on attacking the infections.

As you pointed out, it augments babesia treatment and it works as a cyst buster too. So there are many reasons to take plaquenil.

From what I have read it is not as strong of a cyst buster as tindamax or flagyl but some people (like me) with severe neuropathy cannot take those medicines because of the severe side effects.

The one thing you need to be aware of is potential for changes in vision while on plaquenil. This is an extraordinarily rare side effect. Millions of people take this medication without any problem because it helps so much with rheumatological conditions. If you take it you will follow up with your eye doctor to make sure that you do not have any of these vision changes that would require you to stop the medicine.

I was skeptical and nervous to take it at first. The more I read and got familiar with it, and after talking with my most trusted eye doctor and LLMD, the more comfortable I got with the idea of taking it.

Overall, I've found plaquenil to be helpful. Glad I tried it.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Thanks Sammy.

I have a lot of numbness in my hands and legs so I'm not sure I would be able to tell if it was getting "worse" as a side effect of flagyl or tindamax.

The vision damage issue is one of the main reasons I was avoiding taking it. The cancer risk with tindamax/flagyl is my reason for avoiding those if I can. Unfortunately, I think I need to take something for cysts as I have no reaction to GSE.

What are the intracellular antibiotics? Are there any choices in this class besides zith and biaxin? Zith isn't covered for me and I'm not sure biaxin can be combined with Rifampin. I'd like to add to the Doxy/Rifampin combo if possible because it's keeping my liver enzymes normal so far which is very rare for me.
Posted by nonna05 (Member # 33557) on :
any new comments on any of this ...PLEASE [Roll Eyes]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
The risk of cancer from flagyl is rare also. I've been here 12 yrs and don't know of anyone who got cancer from it...(?)

Why not just stay on doxy and Rifampin?

Tons of people with auto-immune conditions take plaqenil for years and years. The main side effect is stomach issues.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Summer.. read this about plaquenil and the eyes...

(read all the way down!)
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Thank you Lymetoo that is helpful.

I am staying on Rifampin and doxy for now. I added Plaquenil yesterday. My liver enzymes are headed up again. I think because doxy is not working for some reason now. I doubled the dose and absolutely NO sun sensitivity now. It's very strange.

The only positive I had from doxy/rifampin was the liver enzyme resolution, other than that my symptoms have not improved so I was looking to add something else.
Posted by Dogsandcats (Member # 28544) on :
I was on Plaquenil several times throughout my Lyme treatment.

Now that Rheumatoid Arthritis has reared its ugly head along with Fibromyalgia...the Rhuematologist has prescribed Plaquenil for the arthritis.

I have never had a problem taking Plaquenil.

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