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Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
If your taking Ivermectin for FL-1953, the Fry Bug, what dose and dosing schedule are you on.

Does anyone get better, and how soon should one expect to start seeing improvement?
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :

How soon til you started noticing changes?
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
I know Dr. F starts everyone out on child doses. (even if you're an adult)

Start slow and do not herx hard with it.

Kelmo in here would know more about it.
Posted by annxyzz (Member # 20404) on :
Start slow . I still take horse paste version from Tractor Supply Durvet apple flavored . Cheap and you measure out according to your weight . The herx was INTENSE(!) at first which was a shocker ! I take it every other day . That way my body can detox and I can be assured it clears the liver and never approaches toxicity . It is generally very safe and used around the world .

The durvet brand has a ready made way to measure how much you need in the tube so it is easy . If you take it every other day you will probably never have a problem even if you take a slightly higher dose than your weight : example- you weigh 185 , but measure off to 200 lbs .

Some other people I know are eventually adding in albenzadole . I will eventually . Believe me, for many people here even a little was difficult . I was able to tolerate the dose according to my weight if I dosed it every other day . The first month was tough . By the fourth month , I started having more energy . I stopped because I was not sure how long it could safely be taken . My fatigue worsened . Now I have restarted it after having much more info about its safety and use .
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
Thanks, I've never heard of albezadole.

I wonder how long you have to stay on it.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
I have been trying to find this information too. I posted what i found this morning under "information for long term use of ivermectin. . . " Albezadole is in the link I gave. It is used with ivermectin to treat filarial worms etc.

You dose by weight and how to figure this out is in the link I gave. I was taking 12 mg stromectol every day. I felt much better very quickly. I am also on the low fat vegan(ish) diet.

When I ran out of stromectol I switched to horse paste which is harder to dose accurately. I started to get headaches which is a side effect of ivermectin so I cut back to using it every other day but after reading what I found this morning, I think I will pulse 2 days on and 2 days off.

I have no idea how long you are supposed to do this, but I do know you probably need to do some kind of maintenance. The link I gave suggested once a week.

These are the dosing protocols I have read people are using:
Everyday starting low and working up to 9-12 mg.
3 days on and 4 days off, etc.
7 days on, followed by 2 days on, 2 days off etc.

12 mg 2-4 times a day once a week.
One person reported she was going to do 14 days of the super dosing. I have no idea what she did after that.
Posted by annxyzz (Member # 20404) on :
ladyjenie is feeling much better with parasite protocol . You can pm her for more info .

If you just want to begin , start with horse paste every other day from Amazon or Tractor supply . Dose according to the weight chart on the tube . I personally would feel better NOT taking it everyday with NO breaks at all .

I think ladyjenie started with fenben , and is now rotating to albenza and ivermectin alternating daily . Her progress is encouraging and her experience can be helpful.

Also , from my surfing health sites I find morgellon's patients ( some with lyme ) posting improvement with fenben . It is a similar med I think to iver / albenza.

I think you could conceievably rotate these parasite meds , then switch to herbs with a maintenance dose of the parasite drugs once a week or so .

You might also switch to salt c , as it has worked well with herbs for glm ( gael) .
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
I am taking 6 mgs every other day. I started at 1/2 pill every other day. I would like to work up to 9 or 12 mgs 3 days on 4 days off.

Adding Doxy made it much more difficult, I have had to back off on the Doxy.
Posted by annxyzz (Member # 20404) on :
The info I am reading suggests parasite infections that have been in your body a long time require long term treatment . Some people take meds ( usually rotated and pulsed according to a version of Klinghardts' protocol or a variation ) . After a year or so the pateient then takes the med once or twice a week or month to keep the level of reproduction down . Many lay egges and reproduce and can not be totally eliminated . But there are some people , like Gael , who improve and get a more normal life and just do maintenance of some form . Not a clear cut quick and easy fix , but still a worthwhile possibility to explore given so many of us get nowhere with years of ABX .

ABX will not kill many parasites at all . They may clean up the parasites' meeses as they inhabit us, but usually they will not kill the organism . Antiparasiticals are necessary and probably a rotation that is lengthy and then a maintenance plan .

I hope someone here benefits and gets a more normal life !

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