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Posted by xoxoxox (Member # 18778) on :
When it comes to treating my symptoms, rarely does anything I try have a 100% success rate so when something does, it makes me want to tell everyone just in case someone has the same problem. There has been this painful & embarrassing cystic acne on my back that I suffered through for a couple of years (whatever you want to call them - bacne, back acne, subcutaneous nodules).

I desperately searched for something, ANYTHING that would make it go away. Some of what Id read speculates that its a release of toxins, or possibly spirochetes themselves. People can get it on their abdomen, in the groin area, arms, chest. Whatever was causing it started at the onset of my infection and was underneath my armpits (ouch!).

My dermatologist prescribed a couple of different things. The first I cant recall the name but the co-pay was like $50. The second was benzoyl peroxide. In both cases, bedding & clothes frequently bleached despite waiting for the creams to dry on my skin. Maybe I didnt give them a long enough chance to work but both seemed pretty impractical.

I finally stumbled on this website which had some great recommendations. But the part about treating with benzoyl peroxide needed a substitution.

Eventually, another recommendation from a different website suggested washing the back area with a Glycolic Acid 10%/Salicylic Acid 2% cleanser. Oddly, this happened to be the same face wash I have used for years. So, I combined the soap recommendation with the suggestion from the about using a alpha-hydroxy acid 10% (AHA) cream after. They said the best off-the-shelf product for this was the AlphaHydrox. Its available just about anywhere (Drug stores, Target, Ulta, etc). Best of all no bleaching from either product! The soap is just something I get from Amazon. It also happens to be a great face cleanser too.

-First: Wash with Glycolic Acid 10%/Salicylic Acid 2% cleanser
-Second: Apply AlphaHydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA
After a week, I noticed that no new cysts had cropped up and the existing ones became less painful.

After two weeks, the existing cysts started disappearing.
After a year, I can honestly say that this remedy 100% completely prevents the cysts on my back. However, they may start to expel in other places. For me, it moved up to in & behind the ears but very minimally so now I do the same thing there.

A few things to note:
1) Diligence is key if I forget to use the AlphaHydrox for more than four or five days, one or two cysts sometimes crop up. Once they do, its takes a good couple of weeks to clear them up.
2) Because it still takes 2-4 weeks to clear up any cysts, I dont know if the combo protocol actually contributes to the reduction of the existing ones or only prevents new ones but heck, after two years, whats a couple of weeks?
3) If your skin is super sensitive, this may be too harsh for you. Perhaps soap/cream with lower percentage of the acids could be tolerated?

If you too are plagued by body cysts/acne, I hope you find the same success with this!
Posted by PhillyLyme (Member # 26468) on :
I bough Salicylic Acid 2% cleanser. Could not get one with Glycolic Acid combined. I also got oxy pads which worked great back in high school :-).

It is basically Salicylic Acid. I plan to keep it in my desk so I can apply it 3 times a days...

I also got the alpha hydrox cream. Want this acne GONE. Thanks for posting this...
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
I've been getting folliculitis on my neck and around my ears.
Inflamed and infected hair follicles, which are related to autoimmune issues.

I use the SOTA LightWorks to heal them with LED light therapy.
Posted by 2young2dieMom (Member # 25434) on :
xoxxox, can you give the specific names of the products you use and where you buy them? I've had an increase in acne over the past year and its really starting to scar my face. thanks.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Treating parasites and yeast got rid of my nodules and cysts. Whatever appears outside of the body is what's going on inside. Treating topically can calm things down on the surface, but doesn't address the systemic cause of the infection.

Posted by xoxoxox (Member # 18778) on :
This is the 10% Glycolic acid/ 2% Salicylic acid cleanser I use.

Amazon - Gly-Sal cleanser

It's a little pricey but I use a dab less than the size of a dime for my face & back and the bottle probably lasts me six months. Amazon has the best price that I have found. I put it on one of those teardrop shaped scrubbies. Walmart sells those.

This is the Alpha Hydrox lotion I use (remember the red box):

Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion (10% Glycolic)

Typically, I buy it at Ulta so I can use their coupon but if you don't have an Ulta, it's also at most major drug stores, Target, Walmart, etc. or it can just be ordered from Amazon with the soap. One thing to note is that Alpha Hydrox has A LOT of products so make sure that you are getting the "original" one with 10% glycolic acid.

PhillyLyme & 2young2dieMom, let us know how it works out for you.

Carol, I had read that light therapy was also very helpful but it was a bit out of my price range. Sounds like you have had good success with it though?

Gael, yes, agreed - of course, the infection (which causes the "acne") does need to be treated but getting control of a symptom is also important. Like finding ways to achieve a good night's sleep or reduce sore muscle pain, etc.

Good luck everyone!
Posted by coffee71 (Member # 17467) on :
Danni thank you so much for this post.
I was about to ask you for the brand names of products you are/were using.
I can see this working (have had horrid acne breake out one my back since april and my dermatologist gave me epiduo cream $50 copayment not helping)

Posted by 2young2dieMom (Member # 25434) on :
yes, thanks, xoxoxox. I'll give the products a try. At 52, wrinkles with acne are really ridiculous.
Posted by PhillyLyme (Member # 26468) on :
3 day report - I have applied the treatment above 6 times now. I started Monday night and am about to do it again tonight. I can say that some of my bumps are now flat and others are much smaller.

There have not been any new ones either and the pain is almost gone.

I still have discoloration from the rash but I hope that as the skins starts to peal off the new skin will be back to normal...

thanks xoxoxox for the heads up

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