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Posted by jenniferk32 (Member # 30718) on :
I'm riddled with knots and stiff muscles- my massage therapist, acupuncturist and chiropractor all agree I am the most knotted up and stiff client they've ever had.

I'm trying to lose weight and want to strength train, but it seems like everytime I try, I'm completely wiped out for the next couple of days....I mean like PROFOUNDLY fatigued, can't function and need to stay home from work fatigued. Aerobic exercise does not do that to me. The only exception is when I have done High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts- and the similarity to strength training there is that the intervals make the workout transition from aerobic to anaerobic, releasing lactic acid.

I think that's the problem, lactic acid.

But I want the metabolism boost of lean muscle!

As a sidenote, I think I'm dealing with a post-Lyme autoimmune response and the spirochetes are all dead. And no, I'm not agreeing with the CDC and saying there's no such thing as ongoing infection and that all chronic Lyme patients are just PLTS patients- I just have my reasons for believing all my bugs are dead and I'm dealing with the residual damage (and may always, unfortunately).
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
I know we're all different when it comes to what works, but I have done best with a stretching program for stiff muscles.

I do modified yoga stretches, meaning every limb is supported as I do the stretches.

I also successfully stretched out all tight muscles in my pelvic area, in the pool, over 9 months, so theoretically, if we can handle pool water, we can gradually stretch out muscles while being supported by the water.

Light swimming can be done too, and that's good exercise. I wear a snorkle and goggles so I don't have to turn my head. I started with a torso float to keep me up. Now I can handle the swim without it.

To answer your original question, no, I can't - I used to work out on Cybex equipment, and I gradually couldn't do it anymore. Swimming is it for me, and it's good for the whole body.

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