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Posted by Rene (Member # 4870) on :
Hi all,

We have a support group member who had her CD57 come back at 800. Has anyone on here had that happen?? Mine was extremely low.
Posted by Pocono Lyme (Member # 5939) on :
Mine is also really low. I have read somewhere that if someone's CD57 is high and the patient is still very sick, often there is an underlying strep infection.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Just did some reading and bartonella can throw the CD57 numbers in the higher range.

Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
This happened to me, too. My doc called Dr. S, of the S CD-57 Scale.

He said this can happen when the immune system is in overdrive, but making faulty cells. It is indicative of a compromised immune system. The same thing can happen in HIV patients.

By my second CD-57 test, I was at 87.

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