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Posted by JenniferMN (Member # 29920) on :
Hi all...

For 10 weeks now I've been on:

Doxy 100 mg breakfast, 200 mg dinner.

Biaxin twice a day.

Plaquenil twice a day.

I see an LLMD here in Minnesota, but I've heard from a lot of other Lyme patients that see LLMD's out East like Dr. J, that he has them PULSE their pills.

Do you guys think it's better to PULSE them (and if so, how many days on, how many days off)? Or, is it better to take them every single day?


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Posted by beths (Member # 18864) on :
Some pulse some take everyday. I think you have to follow what your LLMD recommends because that is how they treat. I know on the East coast a lot more are pulsing. But that seems to contradict the " becoming resistant " theory since the blood level of the meds drop.

Dr J from what I heard pulses Mepron- I don't understand how you can reach therapeutic blood levels- but I guess his patients get better- so who knows!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
When I took abx, I took them everyday.
Posted by JenniferMN (Member # 29920) on :
beths & Lymetoo...

Thanks guys...

I see my LLMD on Oct 9 so I'll ask him then, but obviously, since he told me to take them every day, that's what he feels is best.

I agree w/ you beths, that PULSING might contribute to "becoming resistant" due to dropping the level of meds in your blood... but, then I think that maybe the spirochetes come back out of your tissue when it sees it's safe in your blood stream again, but then they get hit when you start taking the meds again.


Have a good weekend,
Posted by beths (Member # 18864) on :
I think pulsing might work for Lyme, but not so sure about babs and Bart.

It's confusing because we hear about resistance but Dr J pulses-high dose. If you only have Lyme left , my LLMD will sometimes take you off meds wait for symptoms to come back strong then hit it again

Let us know what your LLMD says

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