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Posted by kim812 (Member # 17644) on :
I haven't had this symptom in years and now suddenly I am experiencing this again. This is not dry eyes as I have been examined by my doctor.
This is a total burning feeling as though my eyes are actually on fire. I can use lubricant all day long and it only relieves the pain for a few minutes at most.

I am not sure if this is just a symptom or a herx reaction. I have recently upped my rifampin so not sure if this is the cause. I am very distressed because I dealt with this problem back in 2006 and 2007 then it totally disappeared no matter what abx I was taking.

The first tme I had this problem I was taking amox/ketek/probenecid. Now it has returned and I am taking rifampin and zithromax.

I have been on Rifampin before but never had the burning sensation...anyone else experience this. Like I said it is not dry feels like fire.
I honestly have no clue what the cause is as it has been many years since I last had this problem...
Posted by katiebobatie (Member # 28753) on :
i have this, and the only thing that helps me is a prescribed eye drop prescription called "sulfacetamide"

it makes your eyes burn even more for a few seconds, then actually makes them feel better for a while.

i especially have this problem if i get less than 12 hours of sleep.

its definitely worth a try... there's antibiotics in the eyedrops, which is why i think they actually help me and other drops dont!
Posted by kim812 (Member # 17644) on :
I am seeing my eye doctor next week and will ask about this...thanks.

I am getting enough sleep and the burning sensations are day I will have it and then the next I won't.

Very depressing especially when it has been 6 years since I have had this problem..
Posted by katiebobatie (Member # 28753) on :
do you have an llmd?

i have a feeling an llmd would be a lot more open to prescribing you an antibiotic eye drop.

i mean, when you have lyme, it makes sense that there would be bacteria in your eyes.

and with every lyme symptom, they can come and go, and sometimes there just doesnt seem to be a rhyme or reason to it!

it really does suck when old symptoms come back [Frown]
Posted by kim812 (Member # 17644) on :
Yes...I have a LLMD now for 6 years. If my eye doctor has no clue and I am still having problems I will ask him for an eye drop. So far I haven't had it in a couple days now...

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