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Posted by lyme-o (Member # 35115) on :
Does it ever end? Hubby will have a good day and I think "finally". Then the next day its bad again. Muscle weakness, fatigue. And we wonder do these meds not work? Or has he not been on them long enough. I was told you have to be on Mepron at least 4 months. That won't be until January. A bad day in this house for sure.
Posted by beths (Member # 18864) on :
Babesia is a tough bug, and it takes awhile to see improvement

The fact he has some good days is really encouraging! It means eventually he will have more and more good days...just takes time.

Has he treated babs before? What was he taking prior?
Posted by lyme-o (Member # 35115) on :
Hes been treating babs since april. He was on Malerone before. Didn't make a difference
Posted by katiebobatie (Member # 28753) on :
i can so relate... it does seem never ending!

i dont tell friends when i have a good day, because they think i am "better" and dont get it when i feel like death the next day.

i think it just takes time... a long time [Frown]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
The worst part about having Lyme/Babesia for me was the UP and DOWN... constantly!!

Just when you think you're making progress... BAM!!

Hang in there!!

[group hug]

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