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Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
Labcorp Anti-DNase B Strep Antibodies "Normal" is 0-120

Mine just came as flagged high at 333.

Never been tested for Strep B before, so have no idea how long I've had it.

Penicillin V seems to be the ABX of choice per google searches, and Strep B seems to be pretty resistant to macrolides.

I just re-stared Cefnifir (Omnicef) recently per newly adjusted Lyme protocol. It's Sat, so doc can't be reached about the Step B stuff- I just got my results in the mail today.

Question- has anyone been prescribed Omnicef for Strep B? Thinking that it *might* be effective against it since it's a cephlasporin and they work similarly to penicillins in that both are beta-lactams, but I can't find much info at all on cephlasporins, esp Omnicef, and related efficacy on Strep B.

I'm freaked right now. Can anyone let me know what you've been put on for Strep B?

Thanks SO SO much.
Posted by YinYang (Member # 36358) on :
I was just discussing this with my LLMD. My husband, two children and me have high strep b (all being treated for lyme and various co's). LL,D was implying that, in Lyme patients, the strep markers go high because something from the TBD's elevates it. It doesn't necesarialy indicate strep b.

Hoping someone with more experience can add some insight.

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