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Posted by kelkat (Member # 39199) on :
I just had head scan for head neck pain. Neuro said it showed demyelination of Lyme or various other diseases.
Anyone else have this?
He mentioned doing a spinal tap, which I do not want.
Posted by chastain (Member # 34236) on :
I had 2 lesions on my brain from lyme that went away...the drs thought I had MS. I had a spinal and it showed lyme in my spinal fluid. Jess.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
PASS on the spinal tap.
Posted by chastain (Member # 34236) on :
I agree with lymetoo..I had a spinal but I do not think most with lyme should. Jess.
Posted by dogmom2 (Member # 23822) on :
I had a mri and 4 brain lesions which was diagnosed as MS. Since I am also positive for lyme I think that's what caused the lesions.
Posted by TxCoord (Member # 9204) on :
Silver had demyleniating lesions which, to non LLMD's, would be dx'd as MS. Her ND, at the time, was fairly certain they were Lyme lesions.
Posted by PatriotM (Member # 38493) on :
Yep, I have several "hyperintense white matter brain lesions" that show up on MRI. I also had a spinal tap.
Posted by pamoisondelune (Member # 11846) on :
When i was first diagnosed some years ago, the MRI showed punctate hyperintensities on the white matter.

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